• James Sands
    Who's going to buy on the VELTF dip tomorrow?
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    • runrunkak: TMRW? ... I bought ACHI at 5.81, 5.50, 5.36 & hit the low at 4.90. This will be back in 6's in a day or two & 7's by EOM. G8t Opportunity!
    • James Sands: Thanks for the info, I do not trade ACHI.
    • James Sands: Better get in @ $4.58 now too....
    • James Sands: Just bought @ $4.55 earlier today, market is taking it lower though.....
    • runrunkak: I bought even more at 4.69 and 4.37 today....hope we get a bounce tmrw.
    • runrunkak: Bought more today at 4.09...wish i had waited til it was under 3.70...this will go up big next week :)
    • PeterScriabin: Bought at 4.87, 4.35, want to at 3.85 if still available, Worried about further institutional selling. Can remaining receivables be trusted?
    • runrunkak: Western Europe (esp. U.K.) has $ to pay, and those countries will rebound next yr so good on that front, plus new contracts are being signed
    • John Rayhall: I was going to buy some today and now with the nice move in AH looks like I should have. Everyone says stock is cheap but it seems to go
    • John Rayhall: down daily read all the articles on it seems pretty positive for the most part don't really get why it's so low.