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James Shell  

James A. Shell is currently working as an ISO9001 Quality Systems Consultant and a technical consultant to various other industries,

A veteran of 3 decades in the petrochemical supply chain, I have worked with customers in 19 countries on four continents on formulation development, business development, recycling, logistics, and process improvement projects.
  • Description: Company executive. Trading frequency: Infrequent
  • Interests: Options
COMPANY Quality Systems, Quality Consulting, Technical Consulting, training and other services for manufacturers in the chemical, basic material manufacturing, IT and Service industries.

Problem Solving
Contract Auditing and Audit Support
Chaos Reduction
BLOG With 30-plus years of high level industrial experience in the Petrochemical and Automotive supply chains, I specialize in helping small to medium sized companies get access to world-class manufacturing process improvement techniques. I'm a certified ISO9001 lead auditor, have experience in quality auditing ...More
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I am long NLY and increased my holdings of AGNC as of this morning. Dec 5, 2012