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    $ADMP -correction to prev StockTalk - was insider sell, not a buy - SVP 8K at 5.059 on 9/2 - - he has 188K left
    Sep 4, 9:13 PM
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    • oneotherfool: I too thought it was strange to setup such a plan at this stage. But hey, Insiders sell for many reasons, but only there's 1 reason they buy
      Sep 5, 5:30 PM
    • oneotherfool: Also, percentage wise, it was only 4% of his stake. Nothing to get concerned about. After all, his shares went to the other new directors :)
      Sep 5, 5:33 PM
      • James W. Burke
        $ADMP - more insider buying - - Senior VP of Development - 8K shares at $5.059 on 9/2
        Sep 4, 8:16 PM
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        • brichnyc: James, this was a sell if I am not mistaken. Take a look again and you will see a "D" not an "A".
          Sep 4, 8:39 PM
        • James W. Burke: brichnyc - my bad - looks like you are correct - a sell - bummer, but he still has 188K - guess he's taking a little off the table
          Sep 4, 8:55 PM
          • James W. Burke
            $ADMP - talk about well timed insider buy
            Sep 2, 5:55 PM
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            • JMattius: Hey James. I wish you all well. I am out of ADMP for now but plan to revisit. I only have a small portion of my funds for these...
              Sep 3, 9:36 AM
            • JMattius: ..names so I try and trade catalysts/technicals/chart set ups. Most of my holdings are blue chip dividend plays on CDN market. Cheers.
              Sep 3, 9:36 AM
              • James W. Burke
                $ADMP - heard Micahel Castor made positive mention in "Inside Monkey" newsletter that was published Saturday. I have not seen to confirm.
                Sep 2, 3:59 PM
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                • muldoon1959: Do you have any insight into the resignation (removal) of the 3 Directors and the possible connection to move up today?
                  Sep 2, 4:19 PM
                • James W. Burke: Confirmed. Positive mention on $ADMP by Michael Castor in "Insider Monkey" newsletter that went on this weekend. Castor has a great record.
                  Sep 2, 5:22 PM
                  • James W. Burke
                    $ADMP - 447K volume at 11AM - this ain't retail - big money taking positions. Buy & hold this one - lots of catalysts coming in next 6 mnths
                    Sep 2, 11:03 AM
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                    • glorysk87: That puts it at $4M. I mean that wouldn't even be a full position for a very small fund. But yea, agree to disagree I suppose.
                      Sep 2, 3:37 PM
                    • cking6178: Just exited my position for a 38% gains - inclusive of commissions & fees...happy with that
                      Sep 2, 3:58 PM
                      • James W. Burke
                        $ADMP news - Adamis Pharmaceuticals Announces Appointment of New Members to Its Board of Directors
                        Aug 26, 7:53 AM
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                        • James W. Burke: Good finance, investment, mgt exp specific to healthcare for Williams & Rothermel. Denby's sales & mkting exp - great proactive move by mgt
                          Aug 26, 8:03 AM
                        • cking6178: thanks for sharing! $ADMP can certainly use some new blood...
                          Aug 26, 8:33 AM
                          • James W. Burke
                            $ADMP Michael Castor of SIO Capital was the buyer per SEC docs - good record
                            Aug 20, 1:46 PM
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                            • ibuzov: $ADMP, Compliment to J.W. Burks: Thanks a lot for your excellent research.
                              Aug 21, 9:08 AM
                            • James W. Burke: You're welcome ibuzov. I think your "forget for 6 months" strategy for $ADMP is a good one :)
                              Aug 21, 9:23 AM
                              • James W. Burke
                                $ADMP $5M deal was done above market price at $3.525 - warrants are at 3.40. Uncertainty lifted - time to buy.
                                Aug 19, 9:19 PM
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                                • jonanne: they have talked many times about hiring a contract sales force for institutional sales of epi pfs. Do you think they can do this for free?
                                  Aug 21, 7:13 AM
                                • jonanne: BlueHorse-One way or another, partner, warrant exercise, offering, combination, funds will be raised before epi launch. You can bank on it.
                                  Aug 21, 7:20 AM
                                  • James W. Burke
                                    ADMP And Its Cloud Of Uncertainty - Why It's Time To Buy $ADMP
                                    Aug 18, 10:12 AM
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                                    • JMattius: Congrats James. Private placement today. Not too ugly. Watching for an entry now.
                                      Aug 19, 6:46 PM
                                      • James W. Burke
                                        $MYL specialty segment reports 22% increase over same qtr last year due to higher sales of Epi-Pen - on track for $1B in 2014 - good 4 $ADMP
                                        Aug 7, 9:24 PM
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                                        • James W. Burke: Timing of shelf was horrible, should have waited until POC progressed some. $ADMP hopes to land a partner from POC.
                                          Aug 8, 8:08 AM
                                        • dramorgan: Thanks JB, hope you are enjoying the bump in $TNXP today... I am.
                                          Aug 8, 10:14 AM
                                          • James W. Burke
                                            $ADMP JMP Healthcare Conf today - they present at 12:30PM EST
                                            Jun 25, 8:57 AM
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                                            • homerun: Kudos JB for being out in front of the pack with $ADMP. It seems the market has yet to account for APC-5000.
                                              Jun 25, 3:02 PM
                                            • homerun: I take Advair regularly and I am looking forward to a generic alternative.
                                              Jun 25, 3:02 PM
                                              • James W. Burke
                                                $ADMP to present at JMP Securities Healthcare Conference on 6/25
                                                Jun 6, 8:26 AM
                                                  • James W. Burke
                                                    $ADMP at LD Micro Conf tmw (6/4)
                                                    Jun 3, 8:11 PM
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                                                    • James W. Burke: Joe - Another stock I follow, $WARM, issued a PR today saying they were participating. I checked the list of companies and $ADMP also listed
                                                      Jun 3, 8:44 PM
                                                    • James W. Burke: Why no PR from $ADMP is a good question for their IR
                                                      Jun 3, 8:45 PM
                                                      • James W. Burke
                                                        $ADMP - Adamis Submits New Drug Application to FDA for Its Epinephrine Pre-Filled Syringe
                                                        May 29, 8:16 AM
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                                                        • sheldond: Nice James
                                                          May 29, 8:33 AM
                                                        • hikeleader: Thanks James! Much appreciated.
                                                          May 29, 8:49 AM
                                                          • James W. Burke
                                                            Lows are in for $ADMP IMO. Here's a link to my $ADMP article from Nov - nice to see others climbing aboard
                                                            Apr 9, 11:22 AM
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                                                            • Dennis R. Mahon: I'm in James... will read your $ADMP article today! Had to kind of rush in this morning following Joe's email about upcoming SA article.
                                                              Apr 9, 12:26 PM
                                                              • James W. Burke
                                                                Tough watching $ADMP drop past 3 days -way undervalued IMO. CRT reiterates BUY and $15 PT - selling overdone
                                                                Apr 4, 1:47 PM
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                                                                • sfrue: Yup, it is tough to watch. Good time to add, if one has extra dollars. Thanks for your updates.
                                                                  Apr 4, 3:29 PM
                                                                • sheldond: I think you are right James...this was a great opportunity to load up....long should be coming
                                                                  Apr 8, 9:38 AM
                                                                  • James W. Burke
                                                                    Added $ADMP at 5.80 today. Way undervalued IMO. Looking for $20 which would be more reasonable $200-250M valuation for what they have.
                                                                    Apr 2, 3:53 PM
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                                                                    • hikeleader: Me too, just nibbled a few more. Over reaction to minor dilution.
                                                                      Apr 2, 4:21 PM
                                                                      • James W. Burke
                                                                        $ADMP - CRT started $ADMP with a BUY and $15 price target.
                                                                        Jan 28, 9:38 AM
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                                                                        • AdamDivy: Any idea why it's down so much today?
                                                                          Apr 2, 1:54 PM
                                                                          • James W. Burke
                                                                            $ADMP - Nice press release this morning Great pre market volume. Good day ahead, one of many to come IMO.
                                                                            Jan 24, 9:27 AM
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