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Jan Brzeski  

I manage several funds dedicated to investing in single family homes. The bulk of our business consists of making loans to developers who specialize in buying, renovating and reselling single family homes in California, in order to generate steady income with a healthy margin of safety. We have a special emphasis on making loans on luxury properties that will sell for $2-$6 million upon completion of an extensive renovation. To date I have made more than 275 real estate investments where my own capital was at risk.

I am actively involved in real estate education and have taught four classes at UCLA Extension as well as organizing eight events at the UCLA Anderson School of Management and speaking on real estate ...More
  • Description: CIO. Trading frequency: Monthly
  • Interests: REITs, Retirement savings
Arixa Capital Advisors, LLC Arixa Capital Advisors, LLC, is a real estate investment advisor and fund manager specializing in single family home debt and equity investments. Our primary business is making short-term loans to developers who purchase, renovate and resell homes in California. We specialize in lending on luxury homes that ...More
Jan Brzeski's Blog This blog provides news about our company's activities, our point of view about investing-related topics, and education related to real estate investment opportunities and risks given current market conditions. Included are links to various podcasts, white papers and FAQs.
The Common Sense Guide to Real Estate Investing This book explains a tried-and-true approach to real estate investment that has proven to work through the up and down cycles of almost five decades. In this book, you will learn to: (1) Screen and quickly analyze an income property investment in about five minutes; (2) Take advantage of the historic buying ...More
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