Jane Edmondson

Long only, registered investment advisor, small-cap, mid-cap
Jane Edmondson
Long only, registered investment advisor, small-cap, mid-cap
Contributor since: 2013
Company: Eqm indexes llc
Hindsight is always 20-20. I was merely recapping the events of last month, but I do think that the 2Q GDP number which comes out in a few weeks could prove to be an important signal for the markets.
Orange Capital has been advocating that BEE pursue strategic alternatives that enhance shareholder value. It is difficult to see how this deal is helpful in that regard. Instead it puts management further under the magnifying glass.
Another beat on earnings today!
Here is a great analysis of the implications of the Loeb sale: http://onforb.es/16eKHHc
@cioian Thanks for sharing this article. Will have to see if Yahoo can pull this off despite the skepticism.
I tend to agree that Dan is just moving on. I think he feels like his job is done and it's time to cash out and deploy his capital elsewhere. Sometimes you leave money on the table. There appears to be more upside here, especially if they get mobile right.
Trying to figure out the significance (if any) of Daniel Loeb's departure. Stay tuned.
Ascena Retail is a retail group, but you are correct that it is publically traded, so I will delete it from the table as it is not a PE firm. As for the "turmoil" characterization, I agree that turmoil can create opportunity, but in this case the opportunity extends beyond the K&G deal.
Thanks for the heads up. The information was from the Earnings Call transcript on the company's website. Apparently the link to company's IR section isn't working. Try this:
There are also some great pictures of the Store of the Future concept in Presentations/Raymond James Conference
I do try to give a balanced and objective analysis of each company I write about. Thanks for the complement.
There's another great Seeking Alpha article that addresses this topic. Here's the link:
Under a takeout scenario, they could be redeemed at par value ($25).
GDOT ended the quarter with nearly $5/share in unencumbered cash and generated about $25m of FCF last year, which equated to roughly $0.57 share. (per Credit Suisse) And yes, they have very little debt on their balance sheet. GDOT's a great cash flow story. Thanks value81 for highlighting their strong cash position.
Steve - It's a great story, but I can't advise you on the best entry point.
@ Dan. Great point. GDOT specifically markets an online shopping card, but all their pre-paid cards benefit from the online shopping trend.
On the conference call the company highlighted the short-term risk to guidance created by the Hong Kong situation.
I did read some articles recently that suggest a "phase out" of the policy may occur over the next few years.
Thanks for raising this interesting and insightful demographic consideration.