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Jared Cummans
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The EIA report came out at 10:30 AM eastern time, the exact moment when UNG had a huge spike and then settled at a much higher level (as evidenced by the chart above). No fact distortion here.
GASZ simply relies on contango in the NG futures curve to generate profits. It's like "pete123" said below, its profits come from the fact that its short roll will outweigh the losses in the long roll. NG is almost always in contango, but if that ever changed this fund could be in trouble
ADV = Average daily volume and creation is the process of issuing new shares for exchange traded products.
While that is a logical idea, the 2X leverage on TVIX makes it extremely volatile on a day-to-day basis. Your position could be up 20% over a month period and then lose it all on a bad day or two. Your best bet with these kind of products is to use stop loss orders to ensure you don't get burned too badly.
That is a yield of 63 cents per quarter, hence the term quarterly fact sheet and why there is no percentage sign next to that figure on said fact sheet.
Australia has 150 ETFs that offer exposure, putting it close behind Bermuda, but not big enough to make this very specific list
Check this article out, it should help clear a few things up
I think that goes to show you that you don't necessarily need complex products to generate a good return.