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Jason Cimpl  

Jason Cimpl is a Research Analyst at Wyatt Investment Research who focuses on stock analysis and active trading. His financial career also includes auditing and mutual fund research.

Jason started at Wyatt Investment Research in 2007 and has been the lead researcher for several of their newsletters. His most popular service was TradeMaster, a swing trading service that ran from 2008 to April 2012. Under Jason’s guidance, readers of TradeMaster participated in astounding yearly gains during the newsletter’s lifetime - such as 44.5% in 2010 and 63.2% in 2011.

Today, he invests his personal time studying aggressive swing trading strategy and remains the lead equity analyst of Top Stock Insights - a post ...More
  • Description: Newsletter author. Trading frequency: Daily
  • Interests: Stocks - long, Stocks - short
Top Stock Insights Top Stock Insights is part of Wyatt Investment Research. The service takes a fundamental approach to investing and aims to profit from 10 - 12 month price swings.
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