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Technical analysis
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Technical analysis
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Check out this yearly charts on gold http://stks.co/ic1A
Make sense that it is behaving the way it is.
Expect price to move on Monday?
OCZ technology sucks.
IGN just pretty much confirmed...no used games
I hope so. I hate gamestop.
I am not offering anything...
To you both, well said! You sound exactly like losers in the market.
What dumb ignorant things to say. You will mis direct newbies to be losing traders like you both.
SInce they started collecting TAX in my state, I have no use for Amazon, haven't shopped there in a long time. It will one day be an epic short.

My take on CLSN long and short term...our thoughts on TA differ:
Also check out my last chart i did on CLSN it was to the penny perfect:
Actually on second thought...I do have CLSN possibly rebounding, as your chart suggest. However, watch the 5/10 cross over.
Where $RIMM may find support http://bit.ly/12FzwEg
I'd be cautious of this up move in ALXA, I'd short if I was a bit more aggressive. If it gets out of hand (like 6.50) I will short.
http://bit.ly/VSybUV <--my analysis here
Isn't it a myth that the president cannot pick the Fed Chair. Its voted upon with people inside the fed.
Ok Paulo you have convinced me. Good Point! Thanks
Thanks for responding, and yes I agree! But I don't think anything is properly fundamentally priced...you need to provide examples on that one.
You and Rocco are both delusional, thinking the markets really care about fundamentals. When has a stock been priced accurately based on fundamentals for more than 24 hours?
0 times.
Although I do think you are really good at what you do. You have a point about amazon except NO ONE CARES!
To Answer his question:how can you possibly remain solvent shorting this stock?
Easy--Writes Articles about Amazon...money moved back to the market.
just kidding
Very Smart Post!
$VRNG weekly chart suggest the stock is ready to explode: http://bit.ly/U8P8fp (target price and analysis in the link)
You know you would be much more successful shorting amazon using technical analysis. You make very valid points, but fundamentals is one of many things the market cares about it.
you are probably right...it is a bit oversold...apparently the H&S met price objective today.
I dont' follow fundamentals anymore. It looks like OCZ broke its head and shoulder pattern to the downside has more room to fall.
I have a computer engineering phd background I remeber reading about OCZ and knew it was garbage... guess the market finally realized.
I'm temporarily short $ACAD, I did a technical analysis post dissecting ACAD's stock charts: http://bit.ly/TaMCIB
However I believe this thing stock will easily see the 3's soon. Just went up a bit too parabolic. Beware shorting this, it is only for the nimble.
I wrote a blog post analyzing apple's chart:
When Will Apple Encounter Resistance? Chart & Analysis: http://bit.ly/TPwyv6
If the author if this article is correct, you really don't have to worry about resistance...but its a fun chart anyways!
In honor of $AAPL Iphone Announcement tomorrow here is a 19 year stock chart http://bit.ly/RQFleb The stock has truly gone parabolic.
It is not silly the pattern reflects fiscal policy that a democrat/republican might want to convey.
Covered...there it is. I expect this to see higher highs in the coming months.
Great article. I remember talking about the presidential election cycle back in June and being made fun of here at SA.
I've been quite bullish on the markets in part due to the presidential election cycle. You can check out my latest post here, where I take a look at several charts including the SP 500s
"Preparing for the Markets Next Leg Up"
Technical Analysis is good at everything except FDA binary events and Earnings. You can deny it all you want.
As for predicting what happens with the stock I dont know. My goal is the 10EMA/Fill of the Gap but that may not happen. You also have to realize it may just tag the 10 EMA and bounce right back and go higher. That is something no one can anticipate.
From a technical analysis point of view shown in my link, the stock is severely overbought no matter what angle you look at it.
Stocks don't go straight up, and if they do it is usually in the form of a gap. (that what they are for).
Who knows I may be wrong, and will have to cover pretty quickly. Nothing is for certain. Technical analysis is just probability it doesn't say everything is a 100%
Here are all my technical analysis charts on SRPT
It indeed supports the theory the stock has risen too fast in a mathematical stand point.
I expect it to tag the 10 day EMA before going up higher (best case scenario).
Currently short at 16.10 via puts.
Don't buy here. its a bad buy here is the chart and analysis
it will pull back low 15's atleast before 17.50+
If anyone's interested
Here is a post I wrote:
$AAPL Apple's Weekly Chart Foreshadowed This Weeks Pullback http://bit.ly/Ugop0o