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Long/short equity, growth, growth at reasonable price, momentum
Jayson Derrick
Long/short equity, growth, growth at reasonable price, momentum
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The Best Buy I frequent in upsate New York (Plattsburgh) has gotten rid of its CD and DVD stockpile in favor of several "store in stores." Watching the transformation first hand was pretty cool!
Thanks for the kind comment!
I don't doubt Wal-Mart's ability to "land on its feet" as you say. I just doubt that the timing is -now-. It very well could be early next year after my near-term questions and concerns are answered/resolved.
I have mentioned that at 52 week highs it is wise for investors to take profit off the table and re-consider initiating a new position next year or at the very least after the Holiday season. I am interested in why you disagree with this?
I do at least 75 percent of my grocery shopping at Wal-Mart/Sam's club (if that matters?) so no, I'm not anti Wal-Mart.
motorcity.. if i was in your position i would add to my holdings. but im not so you have to decide for yourself how to proceed.
Crummy situation which no one could have seen coming! Sorry about your losses!
As always, great article and I always look forward to your pieces. Keep up the good work!
Pretty sure GMCR knows a thing or two about the cold beverage market.
Brian Kelley joined GMCR as President, Chief Executive Officer and Director in December 2012 from The Coca-Cola Company where he was named President of Coca-Cola Refreshments in September 2012. Most recently, he served as Chief Product Supply Officer, Coca Cola Refreshments. Prior to that, in his role as President of Coca-Cola’s North America Business Integration, he led the total integration of the acquisition of the North American assets of Coca-Cola Enterprises, combining Coca-Cola North America and Coca-Cola Enterprises’ North American operations into a new company, Coca-Cola Refreshments. Kelley joined Coca-Cola in 2007 as President and General Manager, Still Beverages and Supply Chain North America.
Minty.. please don't say your team is the caps or flyers!
Dusty, Portage
Good morning.
The negative view of Target stems from its recently expanded Canadian operation which is off to a bumpy start and unlikely to be 'fixed' any time soon.
Keep in mind the company issued 2017 guidance for its Canadian operation of $6 billion in annual sales and $0.80 in earnings.
Now that the standard has been set the company has no choice but to live up to it down the road otherwise the company has failed.
fair question. I'm getting married in less than a year so I have no extra cash to invest in equities. Wedding, honeymoon etc bills coming in very soon.
yes, SA has already fixed the error. At the last minute, i removed two of these items after conducting further research and concluding that management has already commented on these potential headwinds (one of which included lack of monetization from Pinterest. Management has commented repeatedly that they expect to turn the company in to a profitable venture over time, and I read several analyst reports that project hundreds of millions of dollars of potential revenues over the coming years.)
what stock did i move and why do you guys think that?
Not being modest here...
wasn't me! wish i can take credit for moving stocks :)
Sorry that I couldn't get your attention. Go Pens!
Thanks for pointing this out. I'm going to look in to this tonight!
interesting comments.. thanks
i think the same arguments can be applied to SODA. if i have guests over and forgot to get some cokes for dinner, i have to drive to the nearest store. yes soda can be stored for years, but it takes up space. i have plenty of room for a SODA stream on my counter, and space in cabinet for the syrup bottles, but i dont think i have room to stock up on 20 2L bottles when they go on sale for a buck per.
i think it is accurate to compare the company to GMCR. as you said both are make it yourself at home beverage machines. Doesn't that mean there are more similarities than differences?
page 51 of presentation part 1 has a chart that I saw before. Please have a look and let me know what you think.
whenever we (fiancee and i) buy a 2 liter soda bottle it goes stale after 2-3 days and we only go through half a bottle if even. Having the ability to make a fresh soda when i want would probably save money over the long term. Plus having the convenience of multiple flavors available on demand has some sort of value in it to justify buying the machine.
wal mart has a sodastream kit for $79. personally I'm going to buy one during the holiday season when i get to redeem my loyalty points i have accumulated on my credit card and combine with other promotions to get one of the higher end models.
interesting observations.. I can't remember back a few years to when keurig just got started. were investors asking the question if/why would SBUX license their own flavours for the keurig machine?
Hi.. penetration of 10% or more in certain markets. Comments from management during their conference call.
Yahoo is only selling half of it's stake in Alibaba as part of the original deal made with Alibaba's owner. They will still maintain a ~12% ownership.
Hi videoman.. It was free for me! I Just switched the VPN on my smart TV to London and voila Free BBC and iPlayer on demand. I quite enjoyed Bob Servant Independant, have you seen it? I can't remember laughing so much at a TV show lol
I wish I was as lucky to watch an entire season of anything over 1 weekend :)
But as I said, Netflix spreads out the seasons so viewers have to wait several months. Lot's of people are lazy and for those that $8 a month is not a big deal find it a pain to cancel only to resubscribe 2 months later.
Hey WM
Thanks for the comments. I haven't gotten around to House of Cards yet, but I know many political junkies that are keeping their Netflix membership open just for the series. Netflix is smart spreading the seasons out to capture an extra few months of revenues. There is also no limit to the amount of original content Netflix can produce, which is great for customers and even better for shareholders.
A quick check there is 8 original series being produced in addition to the second season of house of cards. There are comedies (Ricky Gervais), drama, thrillers, something for everyone. 2 years ago people would complain there is nothing new/original on Netflix, now there is new content for everyone.
Keep in mind Netflix tracks everyone's every move when logged in, and will certainly use this information to their benefit by analyzing trends and developing content with a much higher success rate.
Hi Bill -
1. From my own personal obervations, and research in the topic.
2. Free 2 day shipping on any purchase size is a nice added bonus, but I normally receive my Amazon items in 4-5 days. Not much of a deal breaker in my books, but as always YMMV.
3. Redbox doesn't offer TV shows. How will I watch my West Wing, Breaking Bad, Rules of Engagement and soon Arrested Development. I don't see Redbox as a disruptor for Netflix, however Redbox can be a winner by just capturing a very small share of the market which is big enough for everyone to profit from.
blackberry is up more than double since its 52 week lows of $6.22. I wouldn't really classify this as "continue to go nowhere". Everyone is likely on the sidelines waiting until quarterly results march 28 for confirmation.
I'll add a point for Ford :)
Good point, the global market is bigger than what I mentioned, however going in to every single region in such details would be a good idea!
Very interesting. You should write it, I'm sure it will be a popular article!
Like always, every investor needs to do their own homework on all aspects of the stock. I am not an analyst, merely a contributor. by profession I'm a day trader and work in the field, SA is a good venue to share my views with a community, sometimes people agree sometimes disagree, but i certainly hope no one is rushing to buy or sell based on my (or many) article/s.
a lot of blackberry commercials are clearly geared towards the consumer market and not the business market, so i disagree apps and functionality that match iphone/samsung is important.
I was one of the first in all of canada to try the phone!
I was actually one of the first in all of canada to play with the new blackberry. I liked it, but I'm stuck with my iphone on a contract. if i wasn't engaged I would consider switching back, but it will cost easily $700+ :(