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  • MBAs, Gimmicks and Apple's Culture [View article]
    You've made the refutation of your argument within this article:

    You are correct in saying that it takes a visionary to revolutionize an industry. But you are also correct in saying that Hastings needs a business person to run Netflix. And you are correct in commending Zuckerberg for hiring Sandberg. And you are correct in saying that Gretzky needs the support of his team.

    These are two very different roles. The visionary dreams the product. The MBA ensures the business is run in the best possible way.

    To belittle MBA's for not being visionaries is absurd. A company needs both to successful. (Should we also criticize MBA's for not being office assistants?)

    It is common to knock the need for education - how long has the myth about Einstein failing every subject been around? - but for all the successful people you list that dropped out of college there are thousands of people that failed.

    On a separate note, I need to quote one of your closing lines: "Apple does make effective use of its capital. They just do things - everything - differently."

    You make no arguments why sitting on a pile of money is effective in this article or your other one - basically you say 'shame on you for being greedy and a rigid business school student.' Doing things differently is only a good if the method is, in fact, better. I'm not convinced that having $100B in is better, just different.
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  • Should You Sell Apple The Day Before Earnings? History Says Yes [View article]
    Gambling is placing money when you hope on your side.
    Investing is placing money when you have evidence on your side.

    And the difference in taxes between short and long term holdings is worthwhile if you can make 20% more profit through short term trades than long term trades.
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  • Apple May Have Won The PC War, By Losing The Windows Battle [View article]
    An interesting read. While I agree that this is largely a matter of semantics, I think that it is still a few years too early to lump the iPad and other tablets in with PC's. As you said, laptops were considered a separate category until they were 'viable desktop replacements'. While tablets may very well become a 'viable desktop [or laptop] replacement', they have not yet reached that point. Until they do, there ought to be a distinction between PC's and tablets.
    Nov 22, 2011. 08:10 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
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