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I don't think the earnings miss is as big a deal as you're making it out to be, and could be a prime buying opportunity. As far as the taste of their coffee goes...there are more factors than just the existence of competitors, like food offerings and price. I personally don't like Starbucks or McDonalds coffee, and Dunkin has enough different flavors that they won't all taste like boiled rocks.
I thought about disclosing the fact that I was drinking Wawa coffee while I wrote the article.
One of the points of the article was that movies do not matter as much to Disney's bottom line. Parks make way more than movies and the stock price is not nearly as tied to movies as you think. John Carter came out in March of 2012 and the stock was around $41 and in the subsequent quarter it rose to $48, despite the public realizing how much money was lost on the film.
I don't think the risk is as great as many make it out to be. First, I don't think too many people will take the initiative to opt-out of their current plans. Second, I think the number of 'old ladies' with cats is exaggerated, although amusing, and many of them like watching golf highlights anyway. And lastly, I think the losses could be passed on to the rest of the consumers. There is a strong contingent of those who would not drop ESPN regardless of the price; thinking outside of home consumers like bars, restaurants, college plans, etc.
Thank you for the comments; I have written a number of articles on CMG over the last 2 years or so and have pushed it as a buy in each one, while almost all of the other articles on CMG call for shorts.
You commented on one of my Chipotle articles in January saying it wasn't a smart buy. That was at $337. Its now at $400.
Personally, I do not think that any of these four stocks are overvalued; and if by lazy you mean picking stocks that are profitable, then you are correct.
I do not know that cost off hand, I know it wasn't mentioned at all in their latest conference call, and its tough since to say since they don't franchise. I know that they can cover these costs since they been building up their cash pile each quarter, which is now around $540M.
I bought in at around $260 and have not considered selling since.
It means that they have the highest margins of any product, soda is very inexpensive.
I disagree with you on Disney, I wouldn't be looking at them as a dividend stock, but right now they have some technical support around $32. ESPN is making bank for them, and they had a decent third quarter earnings despite some not so great movies. They also took in a ton of revenue from toy licensing, and you have to consider that their Marvel agreement goes into full affect now that Captain America has been released.
"Gotta make an exception for PM :)"
- Altria is on the list and has a better yield that PM, but my fund does own both of those.
KMB has been channeling upwards for a while, if it continues you may not see prices below $64 for some time.
Thank you for the comment, I like VOD too but I was trying to stick with American companies. I also own JNJ, its another stock you really don't have to think about, I just think that ABT will offer more in capital appreciation in the long run. But, of course, it couldn't hurt to own both.
Good picks, I would definitely consider Pfizer too. Some more on the drugs that these companies offer can be found in the article below.
Good article, I would have included CNI.
Pandora gets $14 while Sirius gets $1.89 because there are 159 million shares of Pandora and 4 billion shares of Sirius; share price is not something you can compare.
I agree but the reasoning for the use of payout ratios is because the article was based off of this list:
Are you insisting that Verizon is a buy when it is currently within 3% of its 52 week high, sitting on top of tremendous debt, saw decreasing profit at year end 2010, has a payout ratio of 150%, and a P/E triple that of AT&T? That doesn't seem very prudent but I guess its fitting of your profile name.
Correct, I don't like FTR as a stock, but I do own it. I acquired it through the Verizon spin-off and have never found the time to dispose of it. Its a very small amount but I believe that I have to disclose any holdings.
You are correct, it was an announced acquisition that is still awaiting approval, but I would think that a lot of the merger is already priced into AT&T.
I don't think the rest of the country would be as quick to adopt this though, especially businesses. I would think that they would feel that wired are a bit more reliable, at least for now.
I personally like VOD because they own the other half of Verizon Wireless and they have a really nice yield as well. The list was limited to S&P companies so thats why neither of these made it but it is not for lack of attractiveness. I do not know much about Telefonica, but I would think that Spanish stocks carry some more risk with them.
I was actually at Chipotle on Saturday for dinner and they had a queue wrapped around the store. I have been to each several times and feel that the upgrade in taste and health in worth the increased price. The big thing is that, as mentioned above, Chipotle chooses all of their locations and do not allow franchising. This means that they can pick the spots where they know people would be willing to spend. Thats why you see more stores in cities and their suburbs than in the rest of middle America.
I agree with most of the points in the above post. As to the first point, the burritos are huge and you are surely getting your money's worth when buying one.
And to the author, there are a bunch of stores in Manhattan and not in the rest of NYC because thats where people are willing to pay this amount of money for this product. Its basic economics bro. CMG refuses to franchise stores which means they are personally responsible for opening units in primo locations. They are risk averse, would you open a restaurant in Queens with dead hookers floating up all over the place? For more on that check out this article from about a week ago...
Lastly, the author fails to substantiate 6-8. I do remember an article from like a year ago regarding illegal workers, but that's a huge claim to be throwing around without a link. And if you had shorted them when that news broke you would have lost big.
This is what I was referring to, Smuckers sells Dunkin coffee products in grocery stores. The 'c' in coffee became capitalized in editing and I was hoping that the lower case would imply that.
blade -
I "check out" the Sirius music channel lineup daily, since I can't justify carrying an iTouch for a 20 minute commute and I don't keep music on my iPhone...I am therefore left with XM and terrestrial radio, I am well aware of their catalog and I guess I am at fault for not enjoying the likes of Katy Perry, Lada Gaga, Drake, and Nickleback, but I'm sure that you have an exceptional taste of music....
I haven't censored any of your comments, I haven't read any of them until just now, your counter says you have 1 comment so who knows if you actually posted anything...secondly, I am not middle-age, I'm 24 and you obviously didn't read the comment you purport to be seconding...third, my profile name does not have the word airplane anywhere in it, but yes I am aware the reference, lastly, this was not what the article was about, but thanks for the pageviews
Lack of capital, I'm in law school so I have no revenue streams, and I wouldn't waste time buying a fund that would cover all 12 plus 100 more.
Thank you, I do actually own PEP instead of KO and VZ instead of T.
Only because there is only so much you can fit into 1000 words and because they are smaller than these other companies. But BMY has a good yield, strong products, and a formidable PE despite a 2-year run up.
"have you ever heard of anyone charging a separate add-on fee to listen to music or watch shows?"
Yes, Live Nation was sued in regards to their ridiculous handling fees.
Oink -
You are correct in part. Sexual harassment and sexual discrimination are both actionable under Title VII because each are discrimination on the basis of gender, which is of course of, unlawful. But the plaintiffs in the Wal-Mart suit are alleging both and this is the problem the court is having with granting them class certification. Many of the plaintiffs are alleging that they have been overlooked for promotions while males with lesser experience have been promoted, but there are also plaintiffs saying that they have been subject to disparate treatment and a hostile work environment. This is where the Court has asserted that there could be instances where a particular plaintiff could also be a defendant. And, my bad, I did mean litigation not legislation.
You are correct in saying that individual notice is not required for class actions, and once the class is certified more plaintiffs may join, or risk not being able to bring the suit in the future. I tried to explain class certifications in an article last week about the Wal-Mart legislation....
For more, I would google Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 23.