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  • A Sirius Decline: Warranted or Outside Market Conditions? [View article]
    Pandora gets $14 while Sirius gets $1.89 because there are 159 million shares of Pandora and 4 billion shares of Sirius; share price is not something you can compare.
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  • Sirius Anti-Trust Lawsuit Offers Buy Opportunity [View article]
    "have you ever heard of anyone charging a separate add-on fee to listen to music or watch shows?"
    Yes, Live Nation was sued in regards to their ridiculous handling fees.
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  • Sirius Anti-Trust Lawsuit Offers Buy Opportunity [View article]
    Oink -

    You are correct in part. Sexual harassment and sexual discrimination are both actionable under Title VII because each are discrimination on the basis of gender, which is of course of, unlawful. But the plaintiffs in the Wal-Mart suit are alleging both and this is the problem the court is having with granting them class certification. Many of the plaintiffs are alleging that they have been overlooked for promotions while males with lesser experience have been promoted, but there are also plaintiffs saying that they have been subject to disparate treatment and a hostile work environment. This is where the Court has asserted that there could be instances where a particular plaintiff could also be a defendant. And, my bad, I did mean litigation not legislation.
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  • Sirius Anti-Trust Lawsuit Offers Buy Opportunity [View article]
    You are correct in saying that individual notice is not required for class actions, and once the class is certified more plaintiffs may join, or risk not being able to bring the suit in the future. I tried to explain class certifications in an article last week about the Wal-Mart legislation....

    For more, I would google Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 23.
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  • A Sirius Problem: A Deeper Look at the Company [View article]
    I can't agree with the author in many aspects of this article, especially where SIRI is compared to other media companies, though it really has no peers.

    Also, I really don't think $1.80 is resistance, its a result of the entire market over the last week.

    For a far more rational look at why SIRI will perform admirably this year check out this article from 2 weeks ago, looking into data figures from the National Automotive Dealers Association.

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