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Jeffrey Bernstein  

Jeffrey Bernstein is a partner with Guild Partners (, a middle market investment banking firm focused on real estate and real estate dependent businesses. Before founding Guild Partners in 2007, Mr. Bernstein was an analyst and professional investor for over 19 years. He was a portfolio manager at Bankers Trust NY Corp., Strong Funds and ING Funds.

Jeff was a founding partner of Manhasset Capital Management, an equity long/short hedge fund, and played a central role in its start-up and fund raising.

His expertise is in macro economic, market, industry and business analysis and valuation. Jeff has analyzed and invested in a diverse array of industries ranging from energy to ...More

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Guild Partners, LLC Guild Partners is a full service middle market real estate-related investment banking firm. We sources equity, debt and mezzanine financing for real estate owners and developers as well as for real estate dependent businesses like hotels and restaurants. Our firm also offers outsourced business development ...More
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