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Growth, long/short equity
Jessica King Holden
Growth, long/short equity
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gtgtbangbang - Thanks for your comment. I agree with you that ponatinib is THE major potential catalyst for Ariad.
The correction on the PDUFA dates has been submitted. My apologies and thanks for your comments.
Bernie - I totally agree about the short lived gains. I picked PCYC and ONXX because I think they may show longer gains sparked by a little good news out of the meeting. OXGN was a flash in the pan and very short lived just as you noted.
Thanks for the comment!
I hope to see AVII at $3 by 2013.
No worries all. Appreciate the banter. Happy trading!
Basilieus - good catch! Maybe an investment for grandkids? great-grandkids? I will be correcting the error.
Hi Moedoc,
Thank you for the comment. You are correct that Tradjenta is not the first DPP-IV, but the first one in its class to come as a one dose formulation. My apologies if the wording in the article was confusing. Teva does have an agreement to license Actos beginning at the end of 2012
I agree with you about the role of physicians. Novo will certainly provide interesting competition.
Hi there,
Thanks for the reply. I may possibly consider a position in the future, but not within 72 hours.
The conference call oozed with confidence and the financials for next year shouldn't disappoint even if Kynamro runs into trouble. Operating costs should be down due to Kynamro's progress to the end of clincal stages. Milestone payment opportunities from various partners and future banking on Kynamro have investors optimistic.
Thank you for the comment. The error is now fixed.
Hi there,
Interesting list! I'm not familiar with which company Salk is in talks with.
Peter, thank you for your input. I don't doubt the technology whatsoever. I just don't think that the EDAP gain this week will sustain. Long term, stocks with this technology will benefit in my opinion however.
You are absolutely correct about the Prius release dates for the 1st generation model. The 2nd generation model was released in 2003-2004 and was more widely sold. I was referencing that model. Re-reading upon your comments, I see the confusion. My apologies and I will be submitting a correction regarding the model/date. Thank you.
Hi all,
Thank you for the comments and thoughts on this article. It's good to see all the dialog on this issue.
Thanks for the comments - Patriots article is in the works.
You bring up good points. My slant on this concept is from the science side of things which does not always govern the market or public opinion. Financially, SVA may be undervalued considering its cash position. NVAX is likely just one pandemic scare away from a jump, long term the jury is out.
HEB is a speculative stock in an area that is exciting for potential benefits, even moreso than vaccination. In the event of a huge spreading epidemic, low dose oral interferon would be one of the only if not the only plausible way to treat a mass of people in an area already affected. I would simply expect, scientifically speaking, that interferon for the treatment of flu and like viruses will increase in coming years meaning more partnerships for microcap biotechs and big pharma gaining more interest.
It will be interesting to see if REGN breaks its 52 week high in the coming days.
Agreed! Have to say it's amazing, its longevity. Now with a viable drug on the market, who knows!