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An excellent exchange of views. I appreciate this thoughtful input, Thanks.
We are currently holding no positions but are looking at adding some soon.
Good point Matthew. Given current conditions, investors should consider the relative wisdom of currency vs gold holdings
Mikess...you caught my typo...sorry about that.
Thanks for the fine input!
Excellent input, thanks!
Excellent input, thanks. @Ducky: DRIPS into an IRA are an issue that will depend on your current income and your expected income at retirement. Assuming the Obama administration lets the Bush tax cuts expire, you will have to compare the tax you would pay on dividends to the income tax you expect to pay at retirement. The suggestion to put your DRIPs into a Roth is also one you should consider. Again, expected taxes are important and you may need an accountant to calculate the most efficient way of protecting your money from Uncle Sam. Best wishes.
I hope so Dale. So far ADY has broken every support level. I'm not looking to catch a falling knife.
Excellent input gentlemen. Bob is right about exports. Geely has been showing at U.S. auto shows for a few years, but a reputation for poor quality follows these brands and approval for sale in the US will take some doing. Geely is reported to be building a factory in Mexico which will eventually try to penetrate the US market. The Chinese labor cost is rising and that's also going to be a factor.
Thanks for the great input guys. yes, Price to Sales or Book can be helpful measures of the underlying stability of the company. Regarding HEAT, I see a fairly high P/S and a micro-cap scale which is unpopular in China in these nervous times. That has created some pretty awful looking technicals as well so I'd steer clear for the moment.
As for Andatee China Marine Fuel Services Corporation, we haven't followed it but it clearly has a crisis that has driven is capital below book value. Scary technicals. The same holds true foe TXIC. Although the numbers look OK the market is sending a clear warning through those awful technicals.
I've enjoyed the lively debate. Whether you agree with me or Dr. Doom, the important thing is that we are having a vibrant discussion, rather than riding a bubble as U.S. investment banks, mortgage companies and borrowers did before the collapse. Keep up the debate, we all gain by a frank exchange.
Ben, I have always spoken in favor of cooperation between the US and China. I have even written an open letter to President Obama (on my blogsite) urging that peaceful coexistence and cooperation is the only way to rising global wealth.
Indeed, China has projected a rise in inflation and a slackening of growth as the year goes on and monetary stimulus is pulled back. Still, the rate of growth expected is and enviable 8 to 9 percent for the year.
Folks China's GDP growth is an annualized number, just as it is here in the U.S. or any other quarterly GDP figure in the world.
As I've said before, China usually underestimates GDP and later corrects to the upside...check the record.
Brad, the government usually underestimates performance and surprises to the upside.
Graham & Guinea, there are bubbles and overcapacity which Beijing is trying to micromanage. But much stimulus is going into massive infrastructure projects like national bullet train networks, something the US might try instead of wasting stimulus money.
Thanks for asking. It's a common western term for political phetoric or posturing.
Great find. I ran across these articles after I wrote my post.
Thanks for sharing.
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