Jim Van Meerten

Long only, momentum, investment advisor, portfolio strategy
Jim Van Meerten
Long only, momentum, investment advisor, portfolio strategy
Contributor since: 2008
Company: Marketocracy capital management
My Chart of the Day feature highlights stocks bucking the trend. Stock picking plus portfolio management is what it takes for success.
This is the Instablog i wrote when I added it
Don't go near HOG bars with your bike
Jap Crap? The VRod is the ride
Time for me to update this article
IT works but needs to be done correctly
straddle a V-Rod and find out
I have 2 portfolios on Barchart that I post sell signals for. I suggest you use a trailing stop loss based on your tolerance for pain. Each person has different points for a sell.
I tend to only invest and follow the larger cap based ETFs like IVV, IJH,IJR,IWC,ICF, EEM, JNK. These are very predictable and can be monitored reliably by using Barchart and the 50-100 Day MACD Oscillator indicator. On sector ETFs I screen to see which ETF has the most positive momentum and then use the constituent feature to download to a portfolio and then cherry pick the individual components based on my screening criteria.
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Not all signals work all the time but they do give the track record for each indicator on each stock
I don;t have targets. I ride until either the stock drops 10% or the 50-100 Day MACD Oscillator crosses
I'm all in cash at the moment --- add on the dips
Does $11 seem harsh?
yes, you set up your portfolio or watchlist on Barchart then choose the technical indicator for your alert
like every publication, new editors have a learning curve
might be a great oppotunity
I;m in Charlotte NC
$ORLY looks like a great buy to me
Thank you Joe, I was actually doing a Fujian White Crane pose when I posted that article
That is the reason I use a mental moving stop loss on all my stocks approximately 10% below its recent high.
no one can predict where the market is going but you can interpret in which direction it is trending
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I suggest a moving stop loss to preserve your profits
Uncertainty is the reason I'd be out.
Stephen - I commented on that above -- after an acquisition is completed the company publishes restated consolidated financial statements and the analysts and market incorporate that in to the projection and stock pricing. That has already happened.
The reason I mention short interest is 2 fold. First, short sellers tend to be more sophisticated and knowledgeable. Here we have a rising price, poor earnings projections and growing sort interest --- that makes me project a peak. Second remember volume is by day and short interest is cumulative. I haven't found any creditable studies that show ratio of short interest has a better correlation than direction of total short interest to predict future pricing. If you found one, please share.
all 4 for the companies mentioned are in the same SIC category. An east coast and a west coast grocer may not be competitors but they would have the same SIC and analysts would compare them. As to completed acquisitions once the acquisition is completed and all the financials are restated, factored into the analysts projection and the markets evaluations are factored in there is no need to mention it.