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  • JKenser
    I bought $HTBX for a couple of IRA's I manage a few days ago. To my surprise its up 40% today.. Dumb luck.. Wish Id bought it myself..
    12 hours ago
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    • petethepanzer: so most likely a triple on topline in november
      3 hours ago
    • JKenser: I hope so Pete.. It definitely should. Especially when you compare them to other failed ALS drug valuations.
      2 hours ago
      • JKenser
        $STEM, appears to be in big trouble here..
        Wed, 10:38 PM
          • JKenser
            So, in 5-6 mo. $CUR will be the only drug/therapy in phase 3 trials for ALS, it will be curious to see if any major analysts come on board.
            Tue, 10:03 PM
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            • petethepanzer: major analysts will be obsessed with it soon...upside is infinite
              Wed, 3:24 PM
              • JKenser
                $BIND is on the move! Stifel reiterates at $20.
                Tue, 2:54 PM
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                • JKenser: I also bought my CUR shares back essentially where I sold them at. Price jumped over the 50 day SMA today. Bull move..
                  Tue, 3:24 PM
                • petethepanzer: why not $30-40
                  Wed, 3:23 PM
                  • JKenser
                    $CUR, working on a new article.1 bullet, CYTK lost $320 million in market cap after ph 2b failure of tirasemtiv. Assumes $0 for CUR's pipe.
                    Mon, 10:53 AM
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                    • fierroargento: four surgeries a month being conservative. Also the FDA is focused on getting some treatment out soon and 566 looks great so far
                      Mon, 3:19 PM
                    • fierroargento: The Ice bucket also makes it a great moment to release a BTD fast, I hope that was what CUR requested
                      Mon, 3:22 PM
                      • JKenser
                        Looks like we may hear something about $BIND and Roche collaboration.
                        Sun, 9:26 AM
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                        • JKenser: I did, thanks Pete.. I did sell my VSTM though on Friday. I'm hoping to re-enter at a lower cost. It was a quick 25% gain for me..
                          Sun, 3:17 PM
                        • petethepanzer: the science is new and it makes it super concrete although im a little foggy on their pivotal trial is designed ie merlin high/low biomarker
                          Sun, 10:45 PM
                          • JKenser
                            Sold my trading shares in $CUR this morning. Still holding my core position. Market related..
                            Aug 15, 12:30 PM
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                            • fierroargento: I think she was giving a hint with that. Otherwise she would not have said that. She also mentioned that she is confident the dose 16m dose
                              Mon, 7:44 AM
                            • fierroargento: So maybe the response rate might be higher than 60% with higher doses.
                              Mon, 7:46 AM
                              • JKenser
                                Sold $VSTM, for a gain of 24% in 11 days.. Still like it long term, but its run up a bit fast. May look to re-enter if the price is right.
                                Aug 15, 10:28 AM
                                  • JKenser
                                    $VSTM is up over 20% since I recommended it on Aug. 4th. Why cant all trades be that easy...
                                    Aug 14, 5:18 PM
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                                    • petethepanzer:
                                      Aug 15, 5:49 AM
                                    • petethepanzer: link is more evidence of verastem long position
                                      Aug 15, 5:50 AM
                                      • JKenser
                                        $BIND, great presentation yesterday, Looks like AZ and PFE partnerships are locked in. Over $100 mil upfront and pre-approval.
                                        Aug 14, 10:06 AM
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                                        • Genfit&Tonix: Just bought BIND.
                                          Aug 14, 11:55 AM
                                        • JKenser: I think their biggest downfall has been that they IPO'd last september when 8 million other bio's did as well.. BIND will have its day..
                                          Aug 14, 3:09 PM
                                          • JKenser
                                            $CUR, gotta love a CEO that quotes the A Team.. 2 months and all SCI patients will be dosed.. Wow..
                                            Aug 13, 8:47 PM
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                                            • Bio Bull: That's a lot of incredible catalysts! Expect price appreciation between now and then and these catalysts could push it much higher.
                                              Aug 13, 10:52 PM
                                            • BioNoob: I think the ALS news would be great, but positive news on 189 would be awesome.
                                              Aug 14, 1:38 PM
                                              • JKenser
                                                $CUR, UCSD has begun recruitment for their SCI clinical trial. CUR's cells improved rat mobility in preclinical fully severed spinal cord.
                                                Aug 13, 11:13 AM
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                                                • JKenser: first time this has ever been shown in an animal.
                                                  Aug 13, 11:13 AM
                                                  • JKenser
                                                    $mdvn, killing it!
                                                    Aug 8, 11:00 AM
                                                      • JKenser
                                                        $BIND has $60 mil in the bank, with three collaborations according to the CEO worth over a billion in milestone payments, plus royalties.
                                                        Aug 7, 1:55 PM
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                                                        • JKenser: Roche, Pfizer, and Astrazeneca. The Roche deal could be huge as it applies to a portfolio of drugs. MC $150 mil=undervalued...
                                                          Aug 7, 1:57 PM
                                                        • JKenser: 2 phase 2 readouts before year end and start of 2 more. First possible clinical with partner start beginning of next year. Milestone funding
                                                          Aug 7, 1:59 PM
                                                          • JKenser
                                                            $HART up over 15% since I bought 2 days ago. Wish all my trades were this easy..
                                                            Aug 6, 12:47 PM
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                                                            • JKenser: Yep, that ones working out as well! Congrats! $BIND is my only trade this week that is not doing much. Its a long term for me though.
                                                              Aug 6, 12:56 PM
                                                            • JKenser: Also bought $MDVN for IRA's I am managing.
                                                              Aug 6, 12:59 PM
                                                              • JKenser
                                                                Bought $HART today, 8 mil shares out. No warrants, or preferred shares. Great business plan and management, cash till Nov 2015.
                                                                Aug 4, 3:55 PM
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                                                                • JKenser: Today was a starter position for me and will double up if it goes below 6.
                                                                  Aug 4, 4:22 PM
                                                                • petethepanzer: ive heard about this company it sounds different
                                                                  Aug 4, 6:44 PM
                                                                  • JKenser
                                                                    $VSTM is now almost half the price from its last offering which was $15 a share. They have over $100 million in cash and big markets..
                                                                    Aug 4, 11:05 AM
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                                                                    • JKenser: trading at less than $200 mil market cap.. Started a small position at $7.60
                                                                      Aug 4, 11:09 AM
                                                                    • futureguy: its really beaten down, I like it here started a small position. Thanks for posting
                                                                      Aug 4, 12:10 PM
                                                                      • JKenser
                                                                        $CUR, Dr. Eva discusses trial design for NSI-566 phase 3, no sham surgeries. Go figure...
                                                                        Aug 2, 11:14 PM
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                                                                        • fierroargento: I know, BTW talked to IR and there is no date for interim data however they mentioned EF presents in October but it is up to her to disclose
                                                                          Aug 6, 1:07 PM
                                                                        • JKenser: Interesting, thanks!
                                                                          Aug 6, 1:23 PM
                                                                          • JKenser
                                                                            $CUR,looks like the next stop is Alzheimers.. This is cool stuff..
                                                                            Aug 1, 2:31 PM
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                                                                            • JKenser: She said soon..
                                                                              Aug 6, 1:28 PM
                                                                            • Bio Bull: October would be a good time for some data! By then they should be seeing a response from every patient (in comparing April's timeline).
                                                                              Aug 6, 3:56 PM
                                                                              • JKenser
                                                                                Bought $BIND at $9.16, really like this name for long term, multiple partnerships with big pharma, Dr. Robert Langer renowned MIT prof. tech
                                                                                Jul 25, 10:08 AM