Growth, long/short equity, special situations
Growth, long/short equity, special situations
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Longwei is a massive fraud, otherwise the CFO wouldn't have resigned upon initial allegations and RedChip wouldn't have dropped them as a client. Geo's research is solid and Jon Carnes is certainly not in hiding. Your blog does not prove the legitimacy of Longwei and the defendants paid because they lied. The delisted stock will go nowhere.
Twitter is finished ? ROTFLOL !! They've absolutely blown away earnings estimates for three quarters in a row, so what happens when MAU's trend back up as was the case in January ? Here, let me help you out as to what happens ....... Ka-Freakin-Boom !! Advertisers love Twitter.
People have used that Ken Dart, blah blah blah ownership stuff forever, as if it makes an investment a sure thing. Billionaire investors are being creamed in many stocks right now. Carl Icahn just had his lunch handed to him by CHK and others.
I couldn't have said what you said any better, but with regard to ITKG shareholders, I wrote an article a while back that tells them all they need to know .....
ITKG is as safe an OTC stock as there is, period.
500 million Twitter users that will be monetized this year for an extra $1.2 billion. Funny how traders suffer from extreme short term memory. Twitter easily beat EPS estimates the last two quarters and they will continue to easily beat EPS estimates going forward. Won't be long before Twitter becomes a "value" stock at this rate.
I hereby elect Ian Bezek as a new CNBC Anchor. One of the top 5 on Seeking Alpha to follow. Okay, back to trading.
Good response, but the fact that AVXL is affiliated with so many pump and dump types and then crawls in bed with toxic financier Lincoln Park (bottom of the barrel), shows that management is either grossly incompetent or no REAL financier wants to touch this thing with a ten foot pole. Major red flags that kool-aid has ignored to date.
Great research !! Now following you Melissa. This eventually ends at $0.00 IMO.
Twitter a sinking ship ? Cover your short dude, as they're growing revenue at a much faster clip than Facebook. Periscope is catching fire around the world. Earnings beat estimates the last two quarters. Watch what happens when the MAU's accelerate ...... holy freakin Kaboom !! A sinking ship ? ROTFLOL !!
Focus on revenue ? Huh ? They're growing revenue much faster than Facebook.
So now that I've covered, LL management really didn't know about these Chinese products ..... (Ahem) ...... B.S.
not 41 million shares short ...... 4.1 million
Morgan Stanley recently pounded the table on RLYP, giving it a $12 target after FDA approval. Their call went against them at which time they held a CC to assert their $12 target. RLYP continues trending higher, now over $26 and change. Morgan Stanley laid off over 1,200 employees in the last 2 weeks for a reason .... they suck.
With Morgan Stanley laying off many people now, I think Andrew Berens is actually fighting for his job in continually trying to bash RLYP after having led many to short the stock after FDA approval. My guess is he'll be in the unemployment line soon.
"The reason for the sell-off is not clear" ...... really ? For starters, Adam Feuerstein called the results "meaningless" and a well known biotech CEO said "the company looks worthless." Seems reason enough for me.
BABA worries me, as I still haven't forgotten how they tried so hard to screw YHOO several years ago.
Is there a reason this dilution scam is still trading above $1.00 when even .20 cents a share is .20 cents too high ? Seriously.
"headed by a 29-year old whose previous job was serving as the rabbi of a 50-person synagogue in the Bronx" ...... ROTFLOL ... Geez, any lemming who invested in this deserves to lose everything.
Good article that puts the trading of the stock into perspective. I warned traders yesterday that the stock could very well sink on approval, as short-sellers have no problem protecting their positions until THEY decide to leave. This is a good long term hold IMO. No need to look at it again until July. Come back and claim your double, as the shorts will have fled by then.
Not cheap ? Huh ? Good grief, AAL has to be the bargain of the century right here. In a year from now, you'll be able to say that even $100 is a bargain. Investors will come in masses when they realize airlines today are NOT airlines of the past. For now, they're not convinced.
Your letter falls on deaf ears. This is and always will be nothing more than a ChiScam.
We learned in the CC that big news is on the way and will be announced between now and the next 45 days. Now is NOT the time to sell the stock. It's time to buy it hand over fist. As always, there were some really dumb questions on the CC and who's the moron that said he was unhappy that the stock only doubled in the last 3 years ? Make no mistake, Bathauer has an exit strategy and that's to sell the company to (most likely) BASF after ElectriPlast becomes widely adopted ..... and it will.
Once the market realizes that AAL does indeed show capacity discipline going forward, investors will flock into the stock. For now, they believe the airlines will continue with practices of the past. The sector that once saw every airline and their dog file for bankruptcy as often as they could, is now showing the market they can not only make money, but a mountain of it.
Speaking of the brewery/beer sector, I wish you guys would read my article from a couple of days ago and tell me what you think .....
One penny shy on EPS guidance and the stock drops $30 a share. Crazy.
No ... I know how Citron works and they know AMBA will be back over $100 in no time. Citron overstayed their welcome in ISRG and got squashed. Their recent record isn't exactly stellar.
Be very careful in assessing Dr. Frost's positions, as what's more interesting is his association with Barry Honig, a man who has singlehandedly taken down many stocks by up to 90% via shorting/dumping. This is troublesome. I'm afraid that Honig is teaching Frost about the dark side.
As far as this Mickey Mouse management team, thanks, but no thanks.
Only reason Q3 guidance was a penny shy EPS wise was due to GPRO bumping up deliveries from Q3 to Q2, allowing for a nice Q2 beat. Brutalized for that ? LOL. P/E is now big time attractive vs. the company's growth rate, especially with a mountain of shorts in the stock. Also .... Citron tweeted yesterday that they covered their short.
A penny shy on Q3 guidance implies EPS of $3.11 for 2015 or a P/E of 25 here at $80.00, so a move back over $100 is very likely, especially with such a massive short-interest number. Sideways at $100 makes more sense than sideways at $80.00
Well thought-out and excellent article. No position in the stock.