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John Bevacqua

John is founder of Nested Interest LLC and has a passion to provide objective, accessible, and well-engineered retirement income advice to the general public. Drawing upon his more than 20 years of experience as an actuary in financial services, John has developed a suite of tools, insights, and frameworks that allows investors to cut to the issues that matter most when creating a retirement income plan.

John was a Partner at Deloitte Consulting, where he spearheaded a practice that provided retirement income advisory services to a variety of Fortune 500 financial institutions. He helped his clients design and develop more effective product strategies and analytical tools to assess the retirement income needs of ...More
  • Description: Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). Trading frequency: Infrequent
  • Interests: Bonds, Dividend stock ideas & income, ETFs, Mutual funds, Options, Retirement savings
Nested Interest LLC What We Do…and Don’t Do At Nested Interest, we strive to help individuals like you build smarter retirements for themselves. Flipping the traditional retirement approaches on its head, we harness our powerful algorithms to help you fine-tune a triple-defense retirement plan for you. With Nested Interest, you ...More
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