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  • Sell Arena Pharmaceuticals And Step To The Sidelines [View article]
    I believe there are also technical reasons as to why the stock dropped the way it did. I seriously believe that there was no illegal activity or wrong doing on Shane's part. My reasoning is due to the fact that the stock did go parabolic and with several identifying characteristics, it's easy to say that the stock suffered, at the very least, a short-term exhaustion via an exhaustion gap with a grossly overextended upper bollinger band on the highest volume in years while also tapping the 20-day SMA at the same time--confirming technical activity. The entire chart is not broken, but when there is a euphoric mania of this proportion, one has to consider the fact that longs took control of the stock until there was a shortage of buyers, thus, resulting in a sell off primarily driven by retail "investors" and late-comers, along with profit-taking from earlier holders, as well as opportunistic short-sellers shorting the stock during the parabolic exhaustion. If people are investing on a longer time frame, they shouldn't be all worked up over one-day's price action, but rather consider the overall trajectory of the chart.
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  • This Rally Is Over, and Here’s Why [View article]
    I win. Good Game.
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  • The Art of Contrarian Investing: Going Against the Crowd for Profit [View article]
    One contrarian view was the fact that so many people were blinded by the buy-and-hold strategy that they failed to realize that this is a traders market. I am up over 265% for the year after being up 62% in October and 62% (again) in November, so far. Think of other ways to be a contrarian instead of that usual conventional bs. And, don't "school boy" me. It all comes down to performance.
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  • The Weak Short Case Against Jos. A. Bank [View article]
    SA requires me to write fundamentals and not only technicals.

    I made 21% so I don't give a f- either.
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  • An Investor's Guide to Bear Markets [View article]
    We entered the third primary leg on Monday, FYI.

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  • Campbell Continues to Outperform the S&P, Makes New 52-Week High [View article]
    Amazing stock isn't it? Perfect bounce off the 50-day MA today.

    You know that if a stock is up on the largest one-day drop ever, then it's an extremely strong stock. My last sentence of the article: "CPB is highly likely to continue to outperform the market."

    CPB is killing it.
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  • Chesapeake Energy Called the Market's Bluff [View article]
    looks like I got YOUR dead money. lol

    CHK will hit $30. I wasn't f-ing around...
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  • How Does the WaMu Failure Compare? [View article]
    then who should run for president if we dont have any other choice?
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  • Heelys Is Skating Downhill [View article]
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  • How Does the WaMu Failure Compare? [View article]
    Let me clear something up, WM customers actually withdrew $16.7 billion in the 10-days leading up to the LEH failure and that "run" triggered the failure. Perhaps, we should focus on current customer withdraw patterns for problem banks. Those with over $100,000 should give some consideration in transferring the non-FDIC insured portion to another account. Not saying anything will happen, but it's the smartest thing to do in this environment of financial consolidation, no matter what your opinion is.
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  • How Does the WaMu Failure Compare? [View article]
    lol...well if your pissed and have taken this too serious, then you can get a laugh at my blog :)
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  • WaMu: Speculative Value Play [View article]
    hope you sold
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  • Hey, Congress, Guess What? WaMu's Toast [View article]
    futures are down 1.5 - 2% on the news...
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  • Three Biotechs Hitting New 52-Week Highs [View article]
    Roly - Osiris is about 10 mins away from my house, so they better do well. Thanks for the update. I wanted to point out how very wrong Jefferies' estimate was.

    Kharrin - Roly's right, nothing wrong with taking some profit. A lot of stocks are manipulated my mm's. you just gotta live with it.
    Sep 25 03:48 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Six More Countries Join the Fight Against Short Selling [View article]

    Disclosure: NONE!
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