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John Deamer
Growth, long-term horizon, medium-term horizon, short-term horizon
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That is a different Majesco.
Here is my recent article about Majesco. This recent rise is most likely a pump and dump. That 2.25 million share registration is just the beginning of massive dilution.
That's just it. When a hedge (or whomever) decides to run a stock up, they will get lots of people who know nothing about a stock to buy in and hope for a piece of the ride up. And then that whole "hogs gets slaughtered" thing happens to them.
My guess is it is a pump and dump before the dilution is official.
Looks like the dilution has begun. This was filed Friday to the tune of a 2.25 million share dilution.
I use it about once or twice a day for about an hour each time. There are ads after about three songs. Sometimes it is four songs. It's really not a hassle to skip them by shutting it down and starting it again.
On the iPad, I can shut down Pandora when an ad starts, restart Pandora and music will start playing again. Takes 15 seconds versus 60 seconds of ads. Worth it for free.
Thanks for the comment. I feel bad for the common shareholder who may choose to ignore this kind of thing in hopes management does right by them. The commons are almost always the lowest rung of the food chain.
I don't deny it, I was very critical about Majesco. Full disclosure, I think they should have gone for a 1 for 10 reverse split and think management missed on that. But with that said and my history of comments, I've seen some improvements in their strategy. I'm not screaming BUY hand over fist, there are problems and I've included caution in my article. In the end, I'm saying they are showing improvements and may just pull out of this.
Based on feedback, I went ahead and deleted that line. I don't want any confusion about that to take away from the overall article. Thanks again, everyone.
If this is true, I will edit that part out. The BUY part was a last minute addition this morning. The actual article had nothing to do with the coverage so it should work just fine without the Wainright info. Thanks, everyone. Last time I trust the internet. :)
Thank you very much for that!
I actually wrote this yesterday and had no idea of the upgrade. This morning, I quickly edited it to include the upgrade and it was published after the addition was made. I guess I got lucky with the timing of the article.
A takeover at these prices would be a bad call for anyone trying to take over Netflix. Even the CEO said the price is inflated. If someone really wanted to get Netflix, you would probably see a large effort to drive the price down a large percentage. Only then would a buyer pop its head out and grab the company.
DISH is now working with them as well and that will be good source of revenue. DISH, being the buyout happy company that they are may look at a quick pick up at this price. I don't think Sprint would put up too much of a fight. But if they did, a potential bidding war between DISH and Sprint is not a great scenario for shorts.
It's been a year since my article and I still stand by it. They are quite an interesting company.
Thanks for the comment, Connor. I'm still around and plan to write a couple articles soon, I've been slacking a bit since my daughter was born.
As for LPSN, I always did like their technology and their product provides a real need for companies. They won't go anywhere as long as their product remains top-of-the-line over any competition. They've recently been upgraded as well and the price has rebounded quite nicely since I wrote this article.
I still think they have some more room to go up as their worst quarter is now well behind them.
Apology accepted. And delisting or reverse split may not be 100% certain, but it is a definite possibility and must be mentioned. I'll explain more about my thinking on this.
The deadline is in February 24 and the stock must be at $1 for ten straight trading days before then. So actually, the deadline to be above $1 is February 10. Time must also be allowed to alert shareholders which would move up that date. At least a week or two would be good. This means that Majesco needs to address the share price requirements more sooner (within a few days) than later (February 10th).
If it hits $1 the day after earnings and stays there for ten trading days, that's great for everyone. If earnings doesn't move this, actions may be forced by Majesco management. That is, unless they have already conceded and will mention reverse split plans during the conference call.
So, no, it isn't certain, but I'd say it is looking pretty likely at this point and should be taken into consideration with all of the positives in your article.
I do like Majesco's gambling and indie game angles, though. If they do a reverse split, perhaps those two will gain the time needed to expand and become more profitable for Majesco and its shareholders.
Majesco is also about to become delisted in February unless it is over $1 for 10 straight trading days .The company has already had two extensions so it needs to happen by then. I don't think this earnings will be enough to make it go over $1 so they will probably be forced into a reverse split.
This information should also be known as well as the points you have made in your article. Whether or not a reverse split is good or bad for Majesco, time will tell on that, it is still a great possibility in the near future and investors/traders should have this information before putting their money in before earnings tomorrow. It could be that a reverse split is mentioned during the call tomorrow as well as good news to soften that blow.
Is your valuation of $1 a share after the reverse split that is almost certain next month? Meaning, if there was a 5 for 1 reverse, your target is $5, which would be like $1 a share at current prices?
Zynga numbers still did not show a profit. The numbers did show lower user numbers. Also, Zynga has no new games coming out to boost the bottom line. They are riding on catalog games and with a declining user base, until another hit game comes along, Zynga will have lowered revenue.
So I agree it is speculative because we have no idea what the future has in store for Zynga other than a new CEO, a highly inflated tech market (bubble) and not much else.
Existence is not reason for investment.
Majesco, unless they get to $1 by February, will probably have to reverse split the stock, seeing they are already on a Nasdaq extension. The new Zumba is in the quarter that will have its earnings announced in April-ish time.
With no other meaningful games (or gambling) between then and now to help it, Majesco is definitely a reverse split candidate and should be bought with extreme caution (or not at all).
I'd agree with the others, though, each may see some good upside going into the new consoles and holiday shopping season.
Good points. It's like ATVI is the Golden Boy and TTWO is the red-headed step child.
You can confirm mlb 14? I thought they lost that one.
Careful, Brandon, don't speak like you know a fact. It is speculation on your part only, there is no "proof" of a buyout or takeover.
You may have picked the wrong time to short RVLT.
And my point is I am not just critiquing the author, but also the company who employs the author for having shady business practices.
If the shoe were on the other foot and they only pumped stocks they just bought, I'd have an issue with them as well.
If a company invests in stocks and then pays their writers to only write pumping articles about them (and is quite obvious about it), then yes, I would have the same attitude.
Sorry, I should have expanded on this. What I should have said is TheStreetSweeper is notorious for posting petulant articles about stocks that the company is shorting. It isn't that I am disagreeing with their stance, I am disagreeing with them as an entity.
Here's a good example:
Their disclosure: "Prior to the publication of this investigative report, TheStreetSweeper established a short position in Bio-Reference (BRLI) and stands to profit on any future declines in the share price."
So they opened a short position and then published the article. I give them credit for at least letting readers know what they are doing but they are basically a short boiler machine that is using sites like Seeking Alpha to spread fear as a means for their gains.
I'll save everyone the trouble. This is all you need from the article:
"Disclosure: The owners of TheStreetSweeper hold a short position in RVLT and stand to profit on any future declines in the stock price."