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John Kingham

John is the founder and Editor of UK Value Investor, the investment newsletter for defensive value investors. He has been an active investor since the 1990s and spent the best part of a decade putting together a systematic strategy for building a high yield, high growth, low risk portfolio of shares.

This strategy is unique in that it focuses on a unique series of quantitative financial measures that look back through 10 years of financial results to find companies that have the best combination of quality and growth at the best prices.

John also writes the blog at, and occasionally publishes practical tools such as guides and worksheets.

Having left school at 16, he ...More
  • Description: Writer. Trading frequency: Monthly
  • Interests: Dividend stock ideas & income, Stocks - long
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UK Value Investor exists to help investors who want to invest for income and growth, and who want to do so without taking huge risks or having to watch the stock market every day.It contains a whole raft of free and useful information on defensive value investing. Defensive value investing is an approach to ...More
The Defensive Value Investor To be published in late 2014.
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