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Contrarian, value, growth at reasonable price
John Persinos
Contrarian, value, growth at reasonable price
Contributor since: 2012
Company: Money Map Press
Thank you, for your thoughtful and informative comment regarding my article. I'll keep an eye on the company in future months.
Daniel -- You pose an excellent and appropriate question. I read the same Tetra Tech report and you're right; the only data relevant to your question is found on page 74. But here's some context that will shed light on your inquiry: Brazil Resources purchased its Cachoeira project (its main property) for approximately $18 per ounce in the ground -- that represents a great bargain for the company, because historical valuations for gold in the ground in Brazil range between $50/oz to $60/oz. Moreover, the gold deposits at Cachoeira lie relatively close to the surface with the potential for cheaper open pit operations.
Actually, I make it a practice to not take any positions in the companies that I write about. But I have already taken positions in other inflation hedges.
Brazil Resources is indeed an interesting company; I continually search for up-and-coming small cap stocks that appear poised for a breakout and this gold and uranium miner came across my radar screen. The stock is worth following, as gold and uranium prices rebound this year. Thanks very much for your feedback.
Rene -- Thanks for your feedback. I agree with your assessments. Also keep in mind, US inflation right now is actually worse than reflected in official statistics, because the federal government has removed certain "volatile" components from its CPI calculation.
Thanks for the update!
Eric Spangenberg of IP Navigation Group is considered one of the pioneers of IP litigation. Meanwhile, the recent and extreme volatility of Marathon's peers, such as Acacia and InterDigital, is instructive.
Thanks for your constructive feedback and insights! Much appreciated.
The adjustments have been inputted. Thanks for your continued readership.
I wouldn't exactly call Glenn Beck a "reporter."
You're right; I've corrected it. Thank you.
I think you're right.
Yes, of course. It's common practice for publishers to syndicate their articles on the web; that's exactly what Investing Daily (parent web site for Personal Finance) does with the articles of all its authors, including my articles. You'll find that much of the content on Seeking Alpha originally appeared elsewhere. It's a very widespread practice -- and a useful one, both for publishers and readers. I'm editorial director of both Investing Daily and Personal Finance, and as you point out, I originally reported and wrote this article on SURG for Personal Finance.
As Mr. Genachowski put it: "The [FCC approved] transaction will preserve incentives for deployment and spur innovation while guarding against anti-competitive conduct."
Yes, you're right, but as I explain, the scanner division is clearly the growth engine.
Thank you for the compliment. I enjoy reporting and writing about dynamic small-cap companies with enormous growth potential that are innovators in technology.
EPD is still a buy up to 50. And yes, you should follow your instincts. Europe has its problems and you should remain defensive, but the euro zone's debt woes are no reason to panic and dump inherently strong stocks.
My pleasure!!
Actually, I did some fact-checking and it turns out that this is not the reason. The report is erroneous; glad I could set the record straight. The real reason is that investors are concerned that the stock has had a huge run-up so far this year and is vulnerable for a fall.
Fears that the drug won't get approved, which I think are overblown.
Osiris halted enrollment in a final stage trial of its Crohn's disease drug, triggering a drop in its stock price. It stopped enrollment of 210 patients in its Phase III trial evaluating its stem cell treatment Prochymal for Crohn's disease after higher than expected placebo response rates. However, the market has overreacted to this temporary bad news. The company is still fundamentally solid; this is a buying opportunity.
It's a large company in a depressed industry with current risks of products coming off patent. So far, the company's revenues from patent loss have not been replaced as fully as expected.
Still pending, but it was approved by the New Zealand equivalent of the FDA, which sent the stock soaring.
It's low relative to most of its peers and in light of its growth prospects.
I agree; Bombardier seems to have the technological edge, in terms of fuel efficiency and passenger cost. It will be interesting to see how the competition develops.