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Value, long/short equity, growth at reasonable price
John W. McAuley
Value, long/short equity, growth at reasonable price
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Thanks for your comments. Agree with your comments on Carter Worth as a chartist.....he's the best I've seen
Thanks for the comments, Lotus .....I think the R&D aspect depends on what their strategy is with the acquisition. If they are going to compete with Apple on cell phones and tablets, they will probably need to spend more money on R&D not less
Also, bear in mind my article is really short-term focused in terms of earnings and share price direction ....over the long-term the Motorola could be positive for Google but not without alot of effort and investment
Josh, Thanks for the detailed comment .........good info on the article link ......thanks
Some good comments, Thanks
I don't see Apple as the Walt Street darling any's stock has performed because it's earnings performance cannot be ignored. It's P/E ratio has declined a great deal over the past 3 years and that is justified to a some extent by it's large and growing size ...Growth rate will slow, even next year, but I believe it's earnings potential still has much more room to the upside given its product superiority and innovation culture.
Good comments. I too have trouble understanding the Amazon valuation. I would like to understand their business model better as it is certainly very successful
I agree and thanks for the comments
I agree that Intel is also undervalued especially given it's good dividend and solid performance in difficult market conditions. I think Amazon will take some share from Apple but I think Ipad will also move rapidly into enterprise.
I totally agree. There would be no better return on their money and a real benefit to their shareholders.
Thanks all for your comments on my article ....really appreciate the feedback ....positive or negative........thanks