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John Ward
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Happy to see that you enjoyed the interview as much as I did. He also points out the unfortunate fact that in the period of 2002-2011, real GDP globally has grown 4% a year while debt has grown 12% a year. The Keynesian Endpoint is a fast approaching....
Something Teddy Roosevelt said many years ago still rings true: www.theodore-roosevelt...
ISRG looks very weak. CREE looked shortable Tuesday but as they reported earnings after the close I had to stay away. The stock was down over 9% AH. SNDK is another one I'd very much like to get into but earnings again makes it difficult. C'est la vie....
You know it....
Thanks, Abe. Both BIDU and NFLX have been good to me. With the market continuing to offer up a bevy of intriguing set-ups, it would appear that we can expect even more upside.
While volume overall hasn't been anything to write home about, leading stocks are getting quite a bit of action and aren't exactly portending an end to the trend just yet. Of course, if leaders are taken out one by one and shot then it'll just be a matter of adjusting one's exposure accordingly. If the trend were to reverse, it would be appropriate the operate on the short side. Still, as things stand today, we're pretty far from that. In fact, I'm seeing my "leader-list" expand and, not only that, to far outpace the market. While a healthy pullback is certainly possible, the market looks primed to move higher based on the current evidence.
Very much appreciated. Thanks.
All the best....
Thanks for the kind comments.
Eighthman, head to Kacher's website: virtueofselfishinvesting dot com if you want to know how these guys are operating in real-time.
Thanks, MST. That is one amazing chart!
Thanks, Abe. I got to test drive WONDA a little. I use Daily Graphs now, though, along with all the other tools IBD offers.