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Jon Slotnick
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Appreciate the positive feedback. This is a story about stock trading, not about how effective INHX's drugs will be if and when they get approved. In the current trading environment, I wouldn't be surprised to see INHX's share price push even higher before truly cracking. In that light, look at the trading action in ONTY today. Shorts are being forced to cover. Probably just the beginning of bigger move higher. That's what those price targets will do.
In what way, Inspector?
Thanks for your comment. Mentioned that, Robert:
"One thing you should always do if considering a “price target trade” is look for the obvious: does the company the analyst work for hold a position in the stock whose target is being raised, and if so, are they simply trying to buoy the price while they liquidate some or all of their position in the issue? Especially in uncertain market times like these, institutions have added motivation to reduce their exposure to risk until the markets stabilize."
Thanks for your input. Cancer touches all of us, and I truly hope that ONTY's pipeline is full of cancer-curing drugs that rapidly gain approval and help extend or save people's lives. That said, this story is about stock-trading, plain and simple, and has nothing to do with the merits or demerits of 3 NSCL.
Never had and never will.
Looks like it will be in play tomorrow. Good luck whichever way you trade it!
The point is stocks like GFRE with small floats and heavy short interest are always good trading candidates. The question is, which way will it go after the report? Look what happened to HEAT today. Bad earnings and down almost a buck. So if you were short HEAT at the close yesterday, it was a good trade. If you were long, well, not so much. That's the challenge of the trading game. For me, I won't be buying, or betting against GFRE any time soon. Good luck and thanks for commenting.
You're right about your energy policy comment. We need one. Or do you want to continue to rely on the highly unstable Middle East for the next 50 years. Think ahead, my friend.
Around May 10. Some interesting buy volume came in of Friday, FWIW. Thanks for commenting.
I appreciate all of your comments. Thanks for taking the time to read it!
Wrong on all counts. But thanks for taking the time to comment.
Thanks man! I'd be careful with CSCO though.
Sadly, they didn't resond.
Okay. I stand corrected. Thank you for the feedback.
I'm showing $1600 on this Yahoo chart:
Thanks Pro. Good luck with your position.
You just said it. Thanks!
Not so Rodman. In fact, in 2007 it was about $1200 per share.
Should be good for another few dollar share drop.
Yes, markets are always efficient. Predicting which way that "efficiency" will take a stock's share price is the challenge!
Shorts are Charlie Sheening this one right now...
Have a query in to Andy Hargreaves to comment on the assertion that the Facebook, NFLX collaboration talks were false. Will keep you posted.
Neither, my friend. I've got no vested interest in which way the shares of Netflix go. I'm simply fascinated by market psychology and have culled out the factors that could contribute to driving the price of NFLX shares to $300 and beyond. But it wouldn't surprise me to see them tank either. I'm glad my story has stimulated debate on the veracity of the Pacific Crest claim. And if you read the comment thread carefully, I would never advise anyone to buy NFLX at this level. Appreciate your input though.
Only if you become a follower. Thanks!
Now you've got it!
If market psychology constitutes the "spewing of pure speculation" that's your call. I appreciate your feedback and thanks for reading my story!
I guess the only conceptual point I diverge on is that a stock price is set by buyers and sellers. Rational arguments for or against the value of a stock--especially a stock like this which is heavily shorted--don't really matter that much. It IS the story that counts, regardless of the obvious business pros and cons. Thanks for your comment.
Sounds like they're building their business. Nothing surprising.
I don't see an insider buying/selling trend here:
And what acquisitions?
As always, earnings will be interesting. I'm taking a wait and see approach. I think investors and traders can get caught up in the story. If you're long, I wish you luck!
Thanks Best. I submitted the correction to S.A. but they haven't made the change. Appreciate your kind words.