• Jonathan Bluhm
    $IRDM $ALSK are two tech/commo stocks I'm buying for 2014. $GSAT is one I'm selling.
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    • tvu: Iridium may face the same fate as Globalstar did as its satellites are becoming obsolete. If so, revenue will dwindle, as well as pps.
    • snakepitt1: The second generation of satellites are already up and have replaced the earlier outdated ones. GlobalStar is good to go for many years
    • Jonathan Bluhm: I just think Globalstar is way overvalued right now and has to come down over the next few months. I mean, it's priced astronomically. No?
    • snakepitt1: Biggest IF right now is FCC approval. If they get it then their 22MHz spectrum will increase GSATs value if not, then it will tank.
    • tvu: GSAT is at decent premium in anticipation of TLPS. Also, GSAT core business value increased due to improved constellation with 2G sats.