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Jonathan Rose is not the same Jonathan Rose as at Capital Gold Group.......

Jonathan Rose has spent the 15 years as a real estate trader, developer and serial entrepreneur. His belief is if you can buy something and then add value you can sell it for more, only however if you bought it right in the first place. Jonathan's primary goal is to eliminate risk - he is an ultra risk averse (seeking Alpha) in a highly risky business; thus he divested his company of all real estate assets by the end of 2005. He also focuses on staying 3-5 years ahead of the market, which enables him to be in a position to sell as the market rises, normally having acquired in a trough. Jonathan predicted Countrywide's demise nearly a ...More
  • Description: Company executive. Trading frequency: Daily
  • Interests: Bonds, Dividend stock ideas & income, Forex, REITs, Retirement savings
Jonathan Rose Company LLC We offer two investment routes: 1) fixed income yield for longer duration at which time your initial investment is returned (if it hasn't been defeased prior) 2) High yield on initial investment for the development of renewable energy plants, land entitlements and mixed use developments Ownership is key ...More
Future Sight A very broad and far reaching look at business and life in general. Listing investment opportunities, areas to avoid as well as useful tips and tricks
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short Fortress Investment Group - FIG on NYSE short Vail Resorts - MTN Apr 12, 2009