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Jonathan Spencer
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What a move today! up big
what is sad is that you can't buy gold as a hedge.
It is very unlikely that AMZN expands margins. They keep losing on the Kindle which is the edge that AAPL has on AMZN in a side to side comparison of the IPAD sales vs Kindle sales. In addition, the 145 PE should be noted as AMZN is priced and valued as a hyper growth company. My question is... Do you think AMZN is a hyper growth company?
Inflation is typically curbed by the Fed... Have you forgotten that Ben defies logic? its all under control... no worries.
This could be one of the most dangerous plays ever! Since they declined MSFT's offer, this stock has been in a downward spiral. Its just a matter of time before we see YHOOQ
The printing is ridiculous. Big Ben has shown that he has complete control of the market. Who can blame him? He has absolute power!
$SBUX churned off its 52wk High of $52.47 which was set on Friday of last week. If $SBUX is venturing into single serve to compete with $GMCR, then this could be the beginning of woes for $GMCR and glory for $SBUX.