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Joseph Allen  

In 1981 Allen founded Allen and Caron, which now has offices in Irvine, California, and New York City, with affiliates in London and Milan. He spent the 1970s in various areas of media and communications. Initially he was an editor and later a marketing manager for scholarly and educational book publishers; he then moved on to serve in the cutting-edge public affairs department at Atlantic Richfield Company in the mid-1970s. When he left Atlantic Richfield, he became vice president and general manager of the southern California region of Bozell & Jacobs Public Relations.

Allen has served on the boards of several small companies, including, the publishing enterprise of the late John ...More
  • Description: Professional Blogger.
  • Interests: Developed International Markets, Energy stocks, Stocks - long, Tech stocks
Allen & Caron Inc Allen & Caron has, for more than 30 years, provided investor relations, media relations and corporate communications services to micro-, small- and mid-cap companies. With offices in New York City and Irvine, CA, and affiliations in London and Milan/Rome, Allen & Caron is one of very few independently owned ...More
AboutSmallCap We look for neglected companies for the most part -- companies with light trading, companies that appear to have value opportunities, oprhans, companies with few obvious peers, companies with little or no analytical following. We believe we can bring value to readers in unearthing new ideas -- but we're a ...More
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