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Biotech, long only, healthcare, small-cap
Josh Ginsburg
Biotech, long only, healthcare, small-cap
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Larry thank you for your note today. For those who don't know, Adam Feurstein and The Street are finally being exposed. Please read.
Adam Feurstein and The Street are finally being exposed. Please read.
Great point Bohsie.
The last article I did on NWBO I published as an instablog on SA. I am evermore bullish on NWBO right now and have only added to my position.
Thanks for the article Peter. What are your thoughts on the GLD vs American Eagles? Also what are your thoughts on silver?
Treatment is available in Germany. I suggest you all support Kristen.
Yes I quoted Larry hence the quotation marks. I'm not sure why there is any discrepancy over Linda's ownership. You can look up on any decent financial site that she purchased 6,468,153 of her company's shares on 12/12/2012 for $3.50/share. This equals $22.6M roughly. Whether it was through her private LLC or her own name really makes little difference.
You are incorrect.
"Toucan secured $40 million of private capital, and then obtained $80 million of matching funds from the SBA. Ms. Powers and her husband contributed about 70% or $28 million of the private funds. The remaining $12 million or so came from grants from investments by the states of West Virginia and Maryland to encourage biotechnology investment in their states and from various high net worth investors."
So then why did the CEO partake in private placement in her company and personally purchase $23M worth of stock?? Likewise, why did NWBO's product manufacturer agree to accept stock instead of cash as payment for the sum of multimillion dollar manufacturing expenses? Are you aware that of the 20+ therapies Cognate has manufactured and developed not 1 has failed to be approved by the FDA. Not only that, not even 1 has ever been suspended by the FDA or had any negative regulatory pulls. Adam F. has an agenda to attack upcoming biotech's that pose a real threat to big pharma i.e. Mannkind, Inovio, Northwest Bio. And it was shocking that at the end of the article you said you intend to go long this stock because you feel it will meet its primary endpoint. Just abusrd. Nice cartoon drawing though.
So what's your theory? That NWBO is breaking the law and not telling the public the recommendation? Let's get real here man.
Lol, a strange concept that P Man can't seem to understand the company is required by law to report the DMC recommendation within 72 hours after receiving them. If you can't understand this simple concept then forget looking at actual data..
P Man,
With all due respect. If you're not interested in going long or short this stock, why do you waste so much time and energy posting negatively on the company here? I understand that IMUC didn't go the way you wanted and you may still harbor resentment that NWBO appears to be succeeding, but don't you have anything better to do with your time than try and slander the company all day?
This is what makes the opportunity so great still imo for an investment. There has been too much light shed on the efficacy of NWBO's technology already for investors with analytical logic and intelligence not to see the opportunity(clearly the CEO has). Unfortunately many people investing in the stock market do not do substantive research into companies they invest in. I anticipate great things on the way.
Great article Sujan- FNJN is a fantastic buy at this price.
Great article as usual! AMBS is an interesting stock for me as well. What are your thoughts on a potential breakout timeframe for the company? The only real thing that scares me is the large OS count, but the market cap is still extremely tiny so I'm not factoring it in as an issue. Nice to see our NWBO call is moving as we expected as well! Get ready for ASCO in late May.
To speculative? I think this stem cell company has already shown many of their cards in terms of efficacy and this article points that out rather clearly. SA's loss.
Excellent analysis and glad I took your advice back when you recommended them to me! Definitely looking up for CUR.
Awesome, just dropped you a much over due bottle of Don my friend! Have a great weekend.
Great case and article Jason! Do you know if the company plans to uplist at all in the near future?
I'd say 80% is nothing short of stellar. The 80%-100% tumor reduction results in animals are likely to brighten this company's future as well.
Thank you longimgn for the kind words. We definitely have a lot of catalysts coming up and a lot of shots on goal. I am very bullish.
Thanks for the article Arohan. Do you have any price targets in mind for Gaiam?
Thanks for this one Jason!
Great article! You never fail to dive in depth into the amazing work going on with Athersys and the future potential which we are now starting to see materialize. An item of interest which I am trying to wrap my head around personally is whether or not Multistem for Stroke will be eligible for BTD if the Phase II results are positive. I have not heard anyone speak of this possibility thus far, but I feel that it should be considered since the current remedies for Stroke are basically nil.
I already told you several months ago to sell ACTC in my article which Seeking Alpha featured as pro. Today the CEO was fired. I don't know why you still choose to be bent over by management. The dilution will continue to be enormous and you have a major reverse split coming up as well. Financing is poor and the data isn't strong enough to make your ludicrous claims. ACTC does NOT have a stroke program so I have no clue why you'd argue such a case. Please stop attacking successful companies which you failed to invest in.
Joe quick question,
You state, "Tonix completed a phase 2a double blind, placebo controlled, multi-center trial of 36 fibromyalgia patients takingsublingual cyclobenzaprine or placebo for 8 weeks, and then tested for changes in pain, fatigue, tenderness, anxiety, and depression."
In looking at the 2a study it does not appear that this tested the sublingual version of CBP, but rather the standard oral version. What makes you think this was the sublingual formulation? Hopefully you are right and I am wrong, but I'd just like to figure this out here.
It's a past study that's been apparently forgotten by most.
Thanks a lot for this Peter- This is great scientific data and is exactly the point I was arguing in my last article on NWBO.
I think it will be a hit. Looking forward!
Thanks for the article Shai. It sounds like there are a lot of exciting things going on at your company and I look forward to seeing the app grow. I was an investor in your last company PBTH and was thrilled with the results. Are there any plans for a GLSO up-listing in the near-term?
Thanks for the article John. I entered this one when Frost, Honig and Brauser did. I don't think they would take such enormous positions for no reason.
Thank you and I understand your concerns as this field is still very unexplored territory.