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Joshua Brown

After obtaining degrees in Economics, Finance and Business Management from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, Josh went on to work for prestigious companies such as Goldman Sachs JBWere, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and AvaTrade. In all, Josh has worked in the financial sector since 2001 and has experience in investor relations, small stocks, portfolio management, money management, forex, commodities and other derivatives. He is especially adept at providing financial training and financial planning with a focus on offshore investment strategies. Josh rose to become the leading analyst at AvaTrade and is acclaimed for his financial expertise and profitable trading. He has been a contributor for DailyFX and ...More
  • Description: Independent financial planner/advisor. Trading frequency: Weekly
  • Interests: Commodities, Forex, Gold
The Alpha Generator Our company was established in order to provide assistance to forex and derivative traders so that they can produce consistent profits in the markets in which they trade. We provide money management, training and consultancy services. Our growth is a direct result of our customer's success.
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The Impending Structural Change To The Upward EUR/USD Trend $FXE Apr 7, 2014