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  • Fuqi International: No News is Good News [View article]
    Investors Business Daily's Daily Graphs on the weekly view has the management, banks, and fund ownership % numbers.

    It is expensive but I have learned you get what you pay for in the stock market.
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  • Fuqi International: No News is Good News [View article]
    I apologize

    this paragraph: Management still owns 58% of the shares outstanding, proving that management is going to ride this stock for a while so that they can profit from the amazing growth that this high quality gold, platinum, karat gold, diamond, and other precious stone jewelry in China.

    should end as: ...amazing growth that this manufacturer of high quality gold, plat, karat gold, daimaonds, and other precious stone jewelry in China produces.

    I sincerely apologize for my error. I have no excuse.
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  • Pyramid Oil: Small Stock, Big Growth [View article]
    I found it 121% ago. This was an easy find. It is a buy here at the support or if you can get it off the 50 DMA, the 50 DMA.

    This is not rocket science. Don't make it harder than it is.

    Also, SA did not post MY CHART. It is not nearly that parabolic and I already have a 121% gain so obviously it isn't "too hard."

    I did mention that it needed to base to be safer. This is one to watch for a long time. This is not a hit and run, unless sellers come out in force. The stock was up 11% AFTER I WROTE THIS COLUMN THIS WEEKEND.

    So not sure why we can't find a place to enter but I hope this helps.

    All my buys, sells, partials are posted at my site. EVERYTHING is disclosed BEFORE I place ANY orders.
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  • One Hot Natural Gas Stock [View article]
    In CANSLIM the N stands for everything/anything N. It can be ANY! of these. is a new product..ion based (not new to you...but NEW to wall street)
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  • One Hot Natural Gas Stock [View article]
    Enter your comment here[2008.05.29 09:36:02] JoshuaHayes: not panic ever
    [2008.05.29 09:37:41] JoshuaHayes: new highs
    [2008.05.29 09:37:43] JoshuaHayes: new price
    [2008.05.29 09:37:44] JoshuaHayes: new product
    [2008.05.29 09:37:47] JoshuaHayes: new management
    [2008.05.29 09:37:57] JoshuaHayes: new director
    [2008.05.29 09:38:05] MarketSpeculator: new new new
    [2008.05.29 09:38:05] JoshuaHayes: new anything
    [2008.05.29 09:38:07] MarketSpeculator: new new new
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  • One Hot Natural Gas Stock [View article]
    NGS is RIGHT AT THE 50 DMA, You can place a buy here, with a cut loss with a close below the 50 DMA.

    ALWAYS cut your losses before they reach 8%. It is the only way you can last for the long haul as odds show that most investors/traders are wrong more than they are right. And trust me, in a bear market, there is no doubt you will be wrong more than you are right.
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  • One Hot Natural Gas Stock [View article]
    wow. thank you very much. I follow the CANSLIM system and history has proven that it works.

    Jesse Livermore
    Gerald Loeb
    Nicolas Darvas
    Jack Dreyfus
    Jim Roppell
    William O'Neil

    all traded the exact way I trade. So my analysis on this stock being bashed is unecessary. However, it does make for a good discussion. However, I have noticed with most post on any website...TA is bashed by those that do not know how to use it. Price and volume matter. History has proven it. FUNDAMENTALS are the ONLY THING THAT IS IMPORTANT in driving a stock higher but telling someone to not use charts to help them time a buy is like telling a doctor to not use an MRI or a CAT scan. Since you don't understand it...someone else can't possibly make it work.

    Facts are facts. NGS is a great stock. If it is going to run and produce for us a PDO type of move (that I got for a 207% move along with pointing out MXC to ALL subscribers) then I am going to give it to you. I could do this all day long by myself but how does that give me any joy? There are over 10,000 stocks out there and there is a piece of the pie for us all out there. For those that want more of the pie great places to learn are or possibly

    NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN FUNDAMENTALS. However, the greatest active-investors of all time learned how to use charts to hep them to time the buys and the sells along with learning how to spot tops. For those that do not know what a top looks like, study a weekly arithmetic chart of PBT.

    ALOHA from the most beautiful island of Maui :)

    Thank you everyone for creating a nice little discussion!

    And even a thank you to those that were mean and that OBVIOUSLY do not know me. I only hope people are not as rude to you when they first meet you. :) ALOOOOOHA see you at my website.
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  • Shipping is Shaping Up - Cramer's Lightning Round (5/27/08) [View article]
    lot of mean people here. :(

    a lot of you need a hug
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  • One Hot Natural Gas Stock [View article]
    ronh, papita, and the one user.........not just ronh from the CNQR column.

    Isn't it funny how the worst traders bash the hardest. Great traders NEVER bash anyone. Do you ever notice that? :)
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  • One Hot Natural Gas Stock [View article]
    Penguins win!!!! Even a surfer, who makes a living in the stock market, can love hockey!!! Sidney Crosbey rocks!!!!

    btw, I apologize for saying IDIOT so much but for those that honestly dont think we should drill and you see prices doing what they are honestly have a MAJOR MENTAL PROBLEM.

    But I am VERY SORRY for calling anyone an idiot. I normally take the high road but I do have multiple sclerosis and I have to take every-other-day beta-seron and sometimes they can make you get a little hot headed.

    But truth be told I just LOVE THE STOCK MARKET and I have personally been involved with MANY HUGE stock market winners since 1998. However 1999 is when I felt I had it down!!!

    Ronh is only bashing me beause he is jealous. Instead of paying 1/4 a million to go to college, I made a 1/2 a million in the stock market by the time my bros were graduating.

    You can be jealous of me all you want but just know I get to go surfing tomorrow, look at HOT girls in bikinis, and then get to scan charts and the fundamentals of those stocks. life sucks! LOLOLOL. Seriously I live the dream. I wanted to do this at the age of 16. I did it at 21 and here I am 29 living the dream.

    CANSLIM CANSLIM CANSLIM CANSLIM it has changed my life forever!!!! You should try it ron.

    This is my passion. I have 6 computer monitors and if I am not surfing I am working on the market. BUt the beauty of this is if I ONLY wanted to work 2 hours a day...that is all I have to. I live THE PERFECT life...if only less JERKS from the mainland quit coming here.

    No aloha spirit. People like ronh are NOT welcome on Maui. Your hate and jealousy can stay home.

    Everyone else, if you are ever comign to Maui, LET ME KNOW!!!!!! I would love to meet some of you.
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  • One Hot Natural Gas Stock [View article]
    btw, on Maui, not only do we surf, but Mixed Martial Arts is a HUGE hobby. :)

    Maui No Ka Oi and I want to thank everyone once again for all the great comments. I am very happy to see MOST of the responses are very good.

    And that crazy guy who thinks market speculator is me....uhm...he lives in New Hampshire, I live in me he isn't me....sad. ROFL
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  • One Hot Natural Gas Stock [View article]
    btw, i want everyone to know that i have multiple sclerosis so i also fight a disease every day and bashing me makes you look really lame. Your mom and dad should be ashamed.

    And if anyone thinks i am angry with ronh. LOLOL. not at all. I find people like him and that user funny but come on if you were me would you put up with that.

    nobody in this country fights for themselves anymore. i do since that is what i have done since i was a child. i knew when i started writing here i was going to take crap from some people and that is ok. but realize when you attack me you are attacking someone who has NO OTHER ULTERIOR motive.

    On my website I post EVERY BUY and EVERY SELL to my subscribers before I even make them. So please dont be so mean. Well if you want to be mean, go ahead. But just know evenutally i am going to ignore it.

    I enjoy Seeking ALpha and if some of you have never held a 300% to a 1000% winner in YOUR might want to read some of my columns and take some time to study my past big winners.
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  • When it Comes to Growth, Try Concor Tech [View article]
    Absolutely. Thank you. My goal is to write one to three a week. Right now we are very busy at the website with the market so it will only be one for now. But look forward to a new one every Monday for now. Unless you are Ron....then you can just hate on me. I dont care. I have my record. :)

    On May 19 02:38 PM User 137954 wrote:

    > great commentary and i look forward to more articles from you. those
    > that have read william o'neil's books and understand CANSLIM know
    > that the stocks that go on to make the craziest gains are the ones
    > that may seem expensive to those who pay too much attention to p/e
    > ratios.
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  • When it Comes to Growth, Try Concor Tech [View article]
    rON...will not be around in 5 years. I know unsuccessful people when i see them. No one just cuts anyone down like that without having issues. God bless you ron. you need help.

    btw, anytime you want to have can come visit me on my perfect!!!! life on Maui. I am so glad you hate me. I LOVE YOU BROTHER. God bless.

    On May 20 08:28 PM pLIBBY wrote:

    > re: ronH
    > You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink. Joshua
    > is a proven winner. Ron will figure it out in maybe 5-10 years ...LOL
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  • When it Comes to Growth, Try Concor Tech [View article]


    On May 27 01:34 PM Swiss Miss wrote:

    > I do agree with Ron, in that there was a whole lot of festive bull
    > banter with little to back up the case on CNQR; other than drinking
    > the CANSLIM kool aid mix. At the same time, Ron presented, quite
    > possibly, some legitimate concerns facing CNQR's growth and reasons
    > that could very well mean the stock will never see one of those lengendary
    > runs like DELL or CSCO made during their best years. That being said,
    > it's a moot point currently. As it stands; all ye drinkers out there,
    > are officially dinked by 8% per the world according to CANSLIM.
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