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Lejun James Shao is the founder of (, WhitePine Investment Inc of USA, and CEO of WhitePine Software Inc, Beijing, China. He was the top finisher in MSN's 1st US One Million Dollar Investment Contest, "Strategy Open Tournament," with a +45.88% return in 4 months from August 28 - December 2008.

An IT wizard turned professional investor, James Shao graduated from the University of Michigan with a PhD degree in Computer Engineering in 1990 and worked as an assistant professor in Singapore's Nanyang Technology University for 5 years after graduation. He worked as Chief Software Engineer in DSP Technology, Design Engineer in Ford Motor Company, and several other high ...More

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  • Description: Private equity portfolio manager. Trading frequency: Daily
  • Interests: Dividend stock ideas & income, Energy stocks, Foreign stocks, Gold, Options, REITs, Stocks - long, Tech stocks
COMPANY Our website is for self-directing IRA investors. We provide a set of timely designed Portfolios, which consist of carefully selected stocks, to our subscribers. We believe that those stocks will outperform the market by a big margin in the long run. We never short stocks and will never buy stocks in margin. ...More
James Shao's Blog You can find both my Buy-and-Hold type of investment ideas and Short Term trading ideas. For value investors, I will show you how to find stocks which may give you over 100% annual dividend year by year.For day traders, I will show you the secret to make a killing in just few hours.For growth stock investors, ...More
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