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Both businesses rely on on constantly upgrading older units to both prevent hazards as well as maintain a profit. As more rigs are created it creates an oversupply that eventually leads to declining rates. The rigs will eventually be scrapped or financially engineered off the balance sheet (NE). Today the market continues to tell me I made the right decision. I put the money in APA and OXY and nearly made back the entire loss. Good luck :).
I made 35% last year. I'm not sure you should base a trade on my ability to manage an entire portfolio. I sold a few days ago for my own reasons. The recent pullback has given me many other oil names to invest in. In 08 I took a very large loss selling FRO at $30. Some people kept it and said the dividend will save them, earnings, etc. I bet they wish they could sell it for the same price I got to. Rigs business is too similar to watch it happen again.
I sold DO and RIG a few days ago and took a pretty decent loss from holding them about a month or so. As a value investor I see RIG as a screaming buy and a $46-$54 dollar stock but from what I've seen in the past, I can't help but think this could turn out like the oil tanker stocks (FRO,NAT,etc).
I was starting to think nobody knew about this stock. Glad someone else sees some value. Opened a position today.
About to join you by selling some puts. Are they in any high end non apple products?
Thank you for the kind comments. I switched from buying stocks to selling options in 2011. While it doesn't work as well and can get quite frustrating in straight up markets, if we ever pullback I certainly won't feel it.
He had 0 buy articles on and isn't necessarily saying to buy it today either. Some comments are so rude as if someone is forcing them to read the article or as if they paid for it.
Last night I was thinking Google might as well buy em and add it into their Moto line. It would obviously benefit Apple more but they aren't really into buying public companies.
@Jared I have multiple phone lines under my contract. For your second statement. Apple is a global company and 2 year contracts are mainly in the U.S.
Apple earned $8.67 4Q12 and 4Q13 earned $8.26 with 4% less float. Selling a put instead of outright buying stock would have avoided the downside given its current move is less than what was expected.
I don't believe anyone painted you as anti apple. That title has been given to me even though I simply stated to protect downside risk even if it limits your upside. I understand that most people will not buy a new phone outside of their 2 year contract. I certainly wouldn't pay full price for a new phone. This is also mainly a U.S. problem. Given how competitive the market has gotten I am saying those now upgrading from the 4s will weigh out there options more instead of simply buying the new iPhone. The ecosystem is next to nothing for those without Macs.
For your second post about me not being the norm. I certainly hope so but after spending over $10k and getting lackluster results, I will not be giving them anymore of my money.
I bought them all at the same time. All of them have given me individual problems whether it be hard rive failures or wifi problems that forced me to reinstall the os. I will not be buying another $2k+ comp from them. I also assumed that when I switched phones I would miss the ecosystem and great syncing abilities Apple products have. I was wrong.
Watch the review in the article. While Samsung has a throw everything against the wall and hope people will find some useful approach, I've found quite a few welcome additions since switching phones.
My entire house is covered in MacBooks and iMacs. While I agree they are stylish and faster to boot up, I don't believe they are worth the premium. I am also replying to you on an iPad.
I am by no means claiming apple is doomed. At the end of the article I just stated to sell a put instead of being long stock. The company has ran up into earnings thanks to Carl and the media. I wouldn't consider myself the majority either as most articles this month have been positive.
I agree with the article. You didn't need to show charts for each company. They mimic the parabolic market and all look the same.
I was just going to say that. Where did Broadcom say that?
I agree that EMC and Oracle must also deal with their issues but from a valuation perspective both are still cheaper than IBM.
I feel IBM will continue to lag as people begin to think of them as the big old tech company that missed mobile. Much like Microsoft and Intel.
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In fact after reading vmwates sec filling.
As of December 31, 2012 , EMC owned 41,050,000 shares of Class A common stock and all 300,000,000 shares of Class B common stock, representing 79.6% of our total outstanding shares of common stock and 97.2% of the combined voting power of our outstanding common stock.
I was unaware of VMwares Class B shares. Thank you. Changes will be made
EMC owns 43,025,308 shares of VMware reported May 1, 2013
Please show me otherwise....
They used to own 80%. Perhaps you should do your homework before commenting so rudely. http://cnb.cx/1gtdc8I
They now own 32.8%
NTAP is more expensive than EMC atm. I owned NTAP last year when it traded at $30 due to its large cash position. Currently EMC has a better valuation. I also believe VMware has quite a challenge ahead of it competing against Microsoft.
I use cnbc because they do not include "one time" outcomes such as tax benefits and write offs. $2.89 is the estimate for this year according to them.
SDRL is trading at close to 16 times earnings and is very crowded for the very reason of it having a large dividend. I do not consider SDRL's dividend to be a risk as long as day rates stay this high. JF is also a very shareholder friendly manager but has already witnessed what could happen when a company pays out nearly everything it earns. The same manager of SDRL manages FRO.
As stated in my article, I am short the 42 strike puts. I don't feel $45 will hold on any market pullback. I am also disappointed they removed the weekly options on RIG
Thank you,
The cost for Renesas patents wasn't very much. I believe the patents alone were worth it. I agree that I don't like how BRCM isn't buying back stock at these prices but as a growth company I can't complain with them putting the money back into the company.
I use CNBC. Google includes one time costs into its p/e ratio. MSFT had a similar p/e a few quarters ago.
It cost $2 more for me to make an options transaction. Execution fee is $5.
It does not change how I value BRCM. I am long it for its mobile business.
Essentially the analyst wanted to just "break off" the connectivity side and leave the other 2 parts alone.
$40.80 for SO.