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Justin Freed
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All I am going to say is that, anybody who has ever had Centurylink and/or had to deal with their idiocy (such as being required to use snail mail vs. email or even fax) would NEVER invest! One of the first rules of long term investing is: invest in companies you like and I detest this company! Way worse than Comcast of even DirecTV for that matter.
I have used DCA to develop positions for quite a while. I recognized many years ago that what makes the market go up or down at any given time may have nothing to do with the fundamentals of the security/market but rather, external factors I call "noise." Taking a position over 3, 6, or even 12 months (I usually don't go that far) is a better way, for me anyway, to reduce that noise. And, in today's low cost commission structure ($5-$10) trading costs aren't as relevant as they used to be (remember paying full service brokers $150 or so per trade a while ago. That's outrageous today - don't do that!).
As an alternative point of view, I suggest skipping the traditional IRA and focus on making your goal to purchase high quality, dividend paying equities and hold them forever. In the IRA, the GOV requires you to take distributions starting at 70 1/2 and pay ordinary income taxes. Even your heirs (if you pass it on) will be required to take RMDs. In a taxable account where you are holding indefinitely, you get tax deferral on growth, no requirement to take RMDs and your heirs will get a step-up in basis!
"Despite this rent" indeed! Right now, there is only one way to get that LNG to locations such as Japan and that is by ship. Recognizing that a lot of shipping (especially oil) has been in the dumpster, pairing LNG tankers with the production plant has been a winner of sorts for me. I own both GLNG and GMLP (as well as CQP) which has worked out well...
Agree with Chuckxx...my initial position in V was on 3/20/2008 at $63.36/share and here we are today up 149% or so...I have given serious thought to selling actually.
Chart comparison of NEE-C and NEE over 5 yr. period. Which investment would you rather of had?
Nice discussion but unfortunately, most of it is about the technical aspects of this vs. that. Technically, we can do just about anything we want but, what is really going to make things change is the economics of it all. If it were cheaper and easier to go all electric, that is what would be happening. If it were cheaper and easier to go Nat Gas, that is what would be happening...I know in the US, there is considerable activity with regards to a Nat Gas transportation infrastructure build out; not so with electric.