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Justin Giles
Tech, growth, portfolio strategy, momentum
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I've been a long time Groupon bear, but there is no real reason why shares should have fallen that far ($2.15). Smart money is moving back to the long side now.
Lots to talk about today with earnings and the Morgan Stanley news. But as I expected, shares are reacting negatively to ER once again.
There was more than an 80% chance that shares would fall after earnings as I outlined in my recent Pandora article: http://seekingalpha.co...
Trading at "just" 60 times earnings... shares are so cheap. I'm surprised they didn't announce a $100B buyback program (sarcasm). #bubble
"As for the to-buy-or-not part of this article, it is too risky between now and closing bell Thursday, yet an increase Friday of between 10-15% (including Thursday after hours) would make lots feel better about buying at what will still be a low price."
I agree and that's why I don't have a position. Shares are stuck in no man's land at the moment. Not enticing enough to go long or short.
So is that why shares are now surging after you covered? haha
Yeah, all tech stocks have been hammered and investors don't seem as excited about Pandora and its future potential. That's why guidance and the conference call will be so important on Thursday. That's going to set the stage for 2016. I don't have a position, as the stock is kinda stuck in no man's land at the moment. Not enticing enough to go long or short.
"That said, I'm open to the idea of using inverse ETFs, but I'm worried that the moment I pick one up, we'll see a rally..."
Please let me know when you do haha j/k. I'm sure a lot of investors have felt this more than a time or two.
Also, the API report didn't help the long thesis. Will be interesting to see what the EIA report says. I think we will see a short bounce after the pounding the market has taken (late Wednesday trading kinda shows that). This short-term bounce will help some get out of the market before it all comes back down. Just my opinion.
Not yet. UWTI will likely do a reverse split here soon. http://seekingalpha.co...
Great call on DWTI ($500). $600 looks reachable now, especially if oil dips below $25.
Hot off the press... A Look At The Market Crisis: Who's Right, George Soros, Wells Fargo, Or Neither Of 'Em? http://seekingalpha.co... #OIL #SPY #DOW #UWTI #DWTI
See ya'll at $25.
DWTI looks like it will double in just over a month.
UWTI will likely have to issue another reverse split here in the next little bit.
KillerCAM, Logical,
I believe we'll see oil in the mid $20's to $30's for the next 7-8 months before it starts to climb back up to the $50's again.
Oil is in my $25-$30 target range that I've been talking about for a long time now... http://seekingalpha.co...
$25 looks very likely IMO.
Your obsession with me is priceless! I follow/cover more than one stock. But I could see how you would be easily CONFUSED since you only comment and TROLL VRNG boards.
But hey, while you are at it, don't forget to check out my latest article... shares UP more than 50% in two weeks: http://seekingalpha.co...
GoPro hit my target range ($14-$16) just like I expected it would. Now the question is, is it worth the gamble before earnings? I think it is. What do you guys think?
Oil has almost reached my target of $25-$30.
UWTI now at $2.30. R/S coming soon?
DWTI now at $320. Looks will it will hit $400 if oil gets to $25.
What about you guys?
Oil is playing out just like I thought it would. Keep buying Gold and DWTI. Up 60% in a week. http://seekingalpha.co...
GoPro is playing out just like I thought it would. You can bet that $15.90 will get tested. If that holds we will likely see a double bottom form. If not, shares will keep the downward trend.
"I believe investors will start to put a floor on shares over the coming weeks (once tax selling is done), combined with the company's share repurchase plan. Also, investors will get a much clearer picture with GoPro's earnings report at the end of January/early February which will tell the story about where the company is headed in 2016. So as of right now, I would stay on the sidelines. But if shares were to fall in the $14-$16 range, I believe that would present a good opportunity to start a position before earnings for those with a little bit more risk tolerance."
A reverse split certainly isn't out of the question for UWTI. Oil should start to rally in the last half of 2016 (maybe even before). I think we'll see at least a 5/1 reverse split if shares fall under $2.
Why $500? any reasoning?
I honestly don't think DWTI will hit $500. Oil would have likely be under $20 for that to happen. I'm thinking DWTI could hit the $350-375 range.
Thank you. Yeah, I touched on that in my article... "The market believes the feud between both parties isn't going to send prices soaring, rather that Iran is going to undercut Saudi Arabia (the world's largest oil exporter) and send even more oil onto an already oversupplied market."
And after today's market rout I think oil has a great shot at hitting the low end of my target ($25).
Hope nobody has tried to time the bottom. Oil still has a lot further to fall: http://seekingalpha.co...
If investors/traders were able to pick up shares at $16, they should have already cashed out when shares were just pennies away from $20 today. That was a good cat bounce but with a weak market, shares are likely going to test the 52 week low of $15.90. Just my thoughts.
Cliff keeps buying... smart guy. http://bit.ly/1OAmvBD
Analyst community in regards to gopro.
"Buy Buy Buy at $90"!!!!!
"Sell sell sell at $17"!!!!!
Exactly. That was my point of the article. Most people these days and with trading being done by a good majority of computers, quickly read headlines that say "downgrades" and "upgrades" without taking into account the track record of these people making bad calls.
Of course! Who is going to deliver it to Judge Kaplan??? I'm sure he would have some fun with it.
I agree. It's a matter of if, not when in my opinion.
$15.90 is certainly the next big test. If it can maintain support and bounce off on strong volume we'll likely have a double bottom in place and traders would likely start to go crazy.
Thanks for the kind words Chiko. All the best with your investments.
Black Tuesday,
Yes, that was my point of the article. Most people these days and with trading being done by a good majority of computers, all they quickly read are headlines that say "downgrades" and "upgrades" without taking into account the track record of these people making bad calls.
If the market ends up tanking this week like it did last week and without any more buyout rumors for GoPro, I think there will be a good chance that we see shares in the $14-$16 range.