Justin Giles

Tech, growth, portfolio strategy, momentum
Justin Giles
Tech, growth, portfolio strategy, momentum
Contributor since: 2013
Get ready for today's market
long-term horizon, value, research analyst, China
The Panoramic View, Contributor
long/short equity, long only
Valuentum, Contributor
long/short equity, newsletter provider, valuentum
research analyst, long/short equity, deep value, long-term horizon
DAG Investments, Contributor
long only, value, growth, long-term horizon
Bret Jensen, Contributor
Specializing in biotech stocks, Small Caps, managing optimized portfolios
Markman Advisors, Contributor
hedge fund analyst, investment advisor, patents/litigation, tech
special situations, newsletter provider, tech
Trade Star, Contributor
long only, event-driven, healthcare, special situations
long/short equity, value, debt, base metals
long/short equity, value, special situations, contrarian
Tom Shaughnessy, Contributor
long/short equity, special situations, deep value, tech
Bram de Haas, Contributor
insider ownership, nano-cap, micro-cap, internet
Mark Gomes, Contributor
long/short equity, research analyst, tech, IT channel checks
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growth, contrarian, value
Chemistfrog, Contributor
long only, growth, momentum, contrarian
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portfolio strategy, short ideas, value approaches, global shipping and trade
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newsletter provider, fund holdings, insider ownership
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long/short equity, contrarian, research analyst, portfolio strategy
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bonds, dividend investing, ETF investing, currencies
Justin Giles, Contributor
tech, growth, portfolio strategy, momentum
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value, growth at reasonable price, contrarian, growth
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growth, value, special situations, momentum
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long/short equity, long only, short only, growth
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special situations, deep value, growth, momentum