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  • Justin Jaynes
    $AMD $NVDA $MSFT $INTC - Valve's Steam OS now supports graphics from all three chip makers
    Jan 9, 3:31 PM
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    • Justin Jaynes: $MSFT - CEO search on going, Windows 8.1 poor reception, competiton from $GOOG and $AAPL (Android/Chrome/iOS), and now more comp from Valve
      Jan 9, 3:32 PM
    • inside man 55: I like the concept of the Steam console. Many of them seem overpriced for the specs and pretty boxes. Microsoft's culture is turning around.
      Jan 9, 3:57 PM
    • Justin Jaynes: true - but just for an example - if I want to build a PC for $600, a windows license raises the price nearly 20%
      Jan 9, 5:43 PM
    • Justin Jaynes: that's why we see steam machines coming in at $500 from big name PC manufacturers that are decently specced
      Jan 9, 5:44 PM
    • Frosty Pride: Gabe Newell for CEO of Microsoft.
      Jan 9, 8:21 PM
    • Justin Jaynes: Ole' Gabe when he used to work at MSFT
      Jan 9, 8:23 PM
    • WAYLIFE: Valve for public company... VLVE :D
      Jan 10, 1:20 AM
    • Justin Jaynes: i'd be a buyer if the valuation was right
      Jan 10, 1:31 AM
    • WAYLIFE: It would have to be a great valuation... Where is the cost risk in the business model... I bet they are sitting on some serious liquidity.
      Jan 10, 12:35 PM