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Justin M. Hall
Independent Financial Analyst, Private Fund Manager, Expert Advisor, Capital Gains!
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Hard to say. But I agree Galt, it's odd. Citi's stock will take a hit.
The transition at Citigroup (C) will take time. Investors should consider exiting positions in Citigroup and buying Bank of America (BAC). BAC could potentially benefit here.
In the 10/3/12 debate, Obama used the word fight several times. Common ground can never be found in a fight.
I encourage folks on the left to read Woodward's book, "The Price of Politics." It clearly and objectively illustrates Obama's unwillingness to find common ground with folks on the other side.
Rahm Emanuel's approach to negotiating with the other side is: "Fuck 'em. We got the votes." Source: "The Price of Politics," page 80. Those are his words, not mine. So, please excuse the course language.
[Anonymous #12] These tactics, which Obama endorsed, used, and continues to use, led to the formation of and continues to drive the Tea Party.
The Democrats had a choice in 2008 between Obama and Clinton. Had you all voted for the more experienced of the two, things would likely be much different today. Despite her many faults, Hillary would have got a deal done. The fiscal cliff probably would have never even evolved as it has today. Same applies to Simpson-Bowles. Like the former President, her husband (I think), she would have probably done those things necessary to win a second term. It is likely that she would have found common ground with those on the other side. That would have solidified her reelection bid. But you didn't choose her, which is too bad - for all of US. More importantly, Obama's - "Fuck 'em. We got the votes." - approach failed to produce any real or meaningful results. And results still matter.
Since the 10/3/12 debate, there has been a dramatic shift in the polls, which my friends on the left continue to ignore. Here, I'm referring to polls conducted by Rasmussen Reports - like it or not, the most accurate pollster in the past two Presidential elections. [I tend to follow those with a proven track record.] In addition, all of the polling data is currently weighted on the 2008 exit polls and fails to acknowledge the meaningful shift in voter sentiment that began in 2010 and continues today. So, it is highly likely that Romney's lead is even better than Rasmussen and other pollsters are reporting. Weighting matters.
After the first debate, Romney has gained momentum and regained the lead in the polls. That's a huge difference from 2008 when Obama led McCain 52% to 46% (10/1/08). Looking ahead, don't count on Romney to let up and give Obama a free pass. Expect Romney step on the gas. There will be no more free rides for the President.
Bottom Line: It is evident that the tide has turned. The burden of proof has now shifted to Obama to prove himself worthy of the office for another four years. Right now, he's not making the case. Calling your opponent a liar is a very poor strategy, which never seems to work. As such, the next 30 days will likely be very hard for Obama and his supporters. It is simple. Obama cannot overcome his own record.
Conclusion: Romney will win the election.
Well said Petrarch.
Please cut the communist "nationalize the banks" crap and use your noodle to think.
Good grief.
Hahaha. Tom, you certainly don't believe that such a response would be credible. At this point, the blame game is just a bit exhausted.
Thanks Mark! No need to explain yourself. I appreciate your insight.
Excellent work Mark Anthony. Like you, I am also long PCX. Obviously, I also like both JRCC and BTU.
I plan to share your article with others on my site. Thank you.
Justin M. Hall
Riad, I wrote this article in June of 2009. I have been out of SPPI since May 2011. I encourage you to follow my StockTalks - updated regularly - here at Seeking Alpha. Good luck! - Justin
Calep1954, I apologize for responding so late. For whatever reason, I did not catch your comment.
I would strong recommend that you contact my friend Betsy de Parry, a NHL survivor and patient advocate. She is inspiring - a good person doing good things. I would visit her site at: http://bit.ly/GIqcCQ As I recall, you can contact her directly from the site.
I do hope this helps and wish you a very speedy remission.
LK, my comment was directed at the first commenter, "BBRO," the old bond trader, and not the author of this article.
So, I share and agree with your sentiment here.
You're dead on [again] BBRO!
Readers ought to consider reviewing the Business Cycle Index. ECRI's recession calls have not proven accurate thus far.
I suppose peddling fear has made ECRI lots of money. :-) No need to take that seriously, that is a joke.
Good luck!
Justin M. Hall
You're dead on BBRO.
Readers ought to consider reviewing the Business Cycle Index. ECRI's recession calls have not proven accurate thus far.
I suppose peddling fear has made ECRI lots of money. :-) No need to take that seriously, that is a joke.
Good luck all!
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UPDATE 2/14/12 at 7:32 PM ET
We exited our long positions in LF today at $7.50-ish for gains of 59.2%.
All results are posted at Rx Investors.com: http://bit.ly/t7mrwo
Justin M. Hall
2/8/12 | 8:12 AM ET |
CONTEXT: Please be sure to review my two most recent articles (both on BAC) published here at SA on 1/10/12 and 1/19/12.
Feel free to post a comment or question below.
I am very sorry to hear that. :-)
*** UPDATE 2/6/12 | 4:57 PM ET ***
Today, BAC ended the session at $7.94 (closing price), up 17% from publication of this article.
Justin M. Hall
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**** UPDATE 2/6/12 | 4:55 PM ET ****
Today, BAC ended the session at $7.94 (closing price), up 27% from publication of this article.
Justin M. Hall
Rx Investors.com
RS, you are dead on here. Profit taking or not, everyone should stay the course with BAC.
While I am certainly no Obama supporter, yesterday's jobs' numbers were very positive. This development was a game changer and should not be overlooked by investors.
With a positive Q1 2012 report, BAC could potentially trade at $12 by May 2012. So, you're target, $15-$16 area, is very reasonable for your time frame of 12-18 months. I project BAC will trade between $15 and $20 by the January 2013 expiration date.
I am confident that you and I as well as our other friends, holding equity in BAC, will enjoy a very profitable 2012. Great job again RS!
Hey there Bio Burt! Glad to see that you are doing well and still commenting under my SPPI articles. :-)
Great group - I truly enjoyed your comments.
Thank you for following my coverage here at SA - very much appreciated!
Now, let's enjoy the ride up with BAC!
Justin M. Hall
Thanks RS! Always appreciate your support my friend!
All here, please also be sure to follow RS.
God love ya, UncleJeffy19! Thank you sir! I hope you will make it a point to keep in touch.
Fniemann: Thanks my friend! I hope you keep in touch.
RS, I thought you were a humble man! :-) Only bustin' your chops!
No doubt, you made a good call on BAC. As for followers, I'd say you're doing quite well, my friend. So, no worries, they'll come. With your output (volume of articles), I'm sure you'll surpass me up before too much longer ... possibly this week? Ha! :-) Nice work!
I've been at this for awhile - three years - and have worked to establish trust with investors and earn credibility with a proven track record.
Today, I only write when I've got something that I believe is worth saying. But that's just my style, which is not necessarily a good fit for everybody. Interestingly, I'm finding more and more that when I do say something, which is rare, folks tend to sit up and pay attention. :-)
RS, continue to do your what you do best. That seems to be working well for you my friend!
Good luck with your BAC position! Just don't sell to soon. :-)
Thanks my friend! Nibor, it's always good to hear from you. We've been at this now for THREE YEARS. Between SPPI, HEAT and now BAC, I suspect that I've helped you make some very decent gains.
So, when do I get to make an appearance on your Christmas card list? :-)
I got your back on this. Stick with the positions that we discussed and you should do just fine. :-)
Hang in there IronmanVR4! This is a great play. Such opportunities don't come around everyday. Keep in touch.
444: Yes, I think there's more upside between now and the May expiration. Sit tight!
Need direction, feel free to contact me directly.
Bill D - my tolerance for risk is likely higher than yours. That said, I think the bet above will work. Good luck my friend!