• Justin M. Hall
    4/19/12 6:30A ET: [Attention Sellers] I think Mr. Shamar makes a good case and recommend shorting Brazil now via BZQ. Alternative: LHB
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    • Justin M. Hall: I looked at a number of ways to play this and concluded BZQ was the best way to do it. That's just my view. Plan to exit BZQ at/near $25.
    • Justin M. Hall: I would maintain a trailing stop at, near or just below $12.
    • Justin M. Hall: Similar to Mexico in late 90's, US stocks could potentially benefit from Brazilian outflows. Personally, I believe they will.
    • Justin M. Hall: We exitied this position on 4/23/12 for a modest gain of 3.6%.
    • srspa77: I'm still holding LHB. I bought at $15 in February. Hoping to exit at 20 or more.
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