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Members of executive leadership teams buy stock often despite the concern you raise of insider trading. Insider movement is important for investors to watch and ultimately Ullman's current position in JCP of 0 shares is telling.
Yes, the two retailers did this last year, but not to the extent of this year. In addition, my implication is not that this will drastically change the nature of Apple in the short term, but rather that it could have ramifications in the long run on the perception of Apple's products in the marketplace.
I do not see it as a PR move either, but rather as having the potential to have tangible ramifications for Apple's cachet that has become a substantial part of its power over consumers.
Thank you for your insightful comments.
This article does not imply that Wal Mart is hurting AMZN on the iPhone, but rather that in order to drive sales Wal Mart must give customers a reason to come into the store and discounts like the ones being offered on the iPhone help Wal Mart accomplish this task.
Thank you for pointing this out. Multiple news sources reported that the iPad 4 was being discounted, but you are correct that this is false information. This should be corrected shortly.
Yes, time will tell whether AAPL is impacted from the a decline in cachet of its iPhone line.
Gary J: I wanted to update readers of that article of the changes that have occurred between then and now. My implication is not that The Fresh Market is a poor company from a customer or store perspective, but rather that from an investment perspective it must keep pace or outpace Whole Foods Market due to realities of valuation. In this most recent quarter, Whole Foods has showed its strength, while The Fresh Market has only leveled in terms of growth.
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I just wrote a new piece http://seekingalpha.co... on TFM.
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Thank you for your correction. The correction has been made.
SeattleGoldMiner: Thank you for your insight and for providing your take on the potential for a one-time special dividend.
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I just wrote an update piece on this article that can found at: http://seekingalpha.co....
Great Article.
American Patriot: The acclaim has come in regards to what the technology can mean for its implementation into other models. The world is changing and for GM and F alike to invest in the future through creating more efficient models is going to be important.
Alvin5007: My apologies, I do mean the cellular penetration and not the smartphone penetration. Thank you for pointing this out.
Waterinfo: Thank you for your thoughts when the company first made its IPO. The times for P have not changed very much...
The statistics you present above do not point to profitability... The problem is not revenue, it is the company's expense due to content.
After today's earnings I am curious your logic as to why you would be long the stock?
Star Weekly: I am not implying that BIDU success is in the hands of the Brazilian market. What I am implying is that for long-term success the company will need to prove that it can compete with its competitors in new markets. I believe it is best to wait to see if the company can compete in Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil, etc. to make a judgement call on the company's long-term prospects.
As a long-term investor who has held the stock, I do not believe the company's earnings are poor, but will caveat that by saying that the company will need to deliver upon its 5-10% earnings growth and see higher margins/profit for Wall Street and investors to be happy. I am not disputing your points. I appreciate your insight!
Thank you for your thoughtful words and reasoning for owning the stock. I am not implying that WMT is currently weak or is not going to be able to increase its dividend. What I am implying though is that its long-term success hinges upon it satisfying the aforementioned criteria.
StockJackel: Thank you for your analysis. I would not compare Sears to Macy's. M is a strong company and has an incredible network of stores in the US. Though you the S&P fair market is $28.00, the company has a low-valuation by most market metrics.
The company absolutely has potential, what I am arguing is that investors should wait to see tangible growth before buying into it's growth...
Thank you for bringing this information to my attention. This is a very good point and sways my argument slightly.
I agree with you, but what I am suggesting is that the company is poised to grow for myriad reasons including the economy, global opportunity and WYNN past tack record... Clearly, the company could falter on obtaining several bad properties, but I do not feel this is likely. The best indication of the future is the past...
I agree that this could be a strategic initiative that could cost a substantial amount of cash. I believe that AAPL does have its shareholders interest's at the top of its priorities, because if something is good for the company, it is good for the shareholders.
Sammy: Thank you for providing these figures. The lack of dividend alone is a deterring factor.
madav1138: Thank you for your tangible evidence for RSH inability to focus and the company's outrageous prices... Although stocks in many cases perform differently than the company, RSH is clearly in a fundamental slump.