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  • Insiders Are Buying Shares Of These 4 Stocks Under 10 Dollars [View article]
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. While Glenhill Advisors has certainly sold a lot of LIOX shares since the beginning of the month, we pull our insider purchases information from Yahoo! Finance, which lists net shares purchased and sold over the last six months on each stock's Insider Transactions page.
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  • Dividend Stocks With No Debt, High Yields And Under $15 [View article]
    @ART005, price is psychological. Though 1 share of AAPL before the split with worth 7 shares after, people are more likely to get into a position for $10 than they are for $70.
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  • Is It Time To Buy These Dividend Stocks With High Cash Flows? [View article]
    @NV_GARY -- Good catch! That is a typo. GSBC's dividend yield is indeed 2.6%.
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  • Hepatitis C May Give A Big Boost To These Drug Stocks - If The FDA Approves [View article]
    barry55, your critique that we are and aren't recommending BMY is fair enough. We are not, actually, in the business of promoting or pushing stocks.

    We disagree with your comment about a "better" cure. One cure for a gangrenous limb is to cut it off, but I think you would agree that vascular surgery or antibiotics are a more elegant way of fixing the problem. That is to say, as a matter of logic there is -- and will always be -- a "better" cure. Scientific innovation, the free market and stock market investing are all founded on the necessity of finding a "better cure."
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  • Deal Or No Deal: 6 Undervalued Dividend Stocks Trading Below Their Graham Number [View article]
    Thanks @Serenity! This is a useful update to our pick!
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  • The Highest-Paid CEOs Are Making Millions, But What's Happening With Their Companies' Stock? [View article]
    Thanks @Rudester! That does provide food for thought. @Buyandhold_2012, as the debates over Picketty's _Capital_ show, inequality is both a function of crony capitalism, government policy and the world economy's incredible growth since the development of globalization. The crux of the issue is: does the world as a whole benefit more from a winner-takes-all model of capitalism, or should capital gains be invested in public goods (infrastructure and education) rather than saved by a handful of elites?

    Sorry for that somewhat elliptical answer! Maybe in another post we'll get into the abstract metaphysics beneath the two sides of the issue.
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  • The Highest-Paid CEOs Are Making Millions, But What's Happening With Their Companies' Stock? [View article]
    @DevilDog @raifel: Fantex wants you to be able to buy publicly traded shares of your favorite sports stars too! The difference is CEOs get paid whether or not the company performs. Sports stars who are disabled get no golden parachute.
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  • Analyst Trendwatch: 3 Undervalued Stocks With Buy Ratings From Deustche Bank [View article]
    WhitneyB -- absolutely! Not seeing the forest for the trees is a problem endemic to experts of all varieties. And there is no substitute for a healthy dose of common sense.
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  • Analysts Raised EPS Estimates On These 3 Undervalued Profitable Stocks [View article]
    AAPL is technically a fruit...
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  • How Non-Billionaires Can Get A Piece Of The Luxury Housing Boom [View article]
    Hardog, you can get performance and dividend yields for each company by clicking through "earnings" and "financials" for each company.
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  • Will The Alibaba IPO Live Up To Its Lofty Expectations? [View article]
    Hi Guy,

    No analyst (no ethical analyst anyway) can tell you what's going to happen in the future. You might as well be standing in front of the door of a cave filled with treasure chanting "open sesame!"

    This is our take on the Alibaba IPO: The IPO market is nearing saturation, and though Alibaba may have great fundamentals, people who wait till the public offering to buy may be whipsawed and punished by the irrational exuberance of 2014's waning tech IPO hype.

    That is our take.

    Open sesame.
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  • Critical Shortage Of Injectables Create Opportunity For Drugmakers [View article]
    Hi Mark,

    Most generic injectables are low-cost and require complicated manufacturing processes, so that's widely accepted as the main reason behind their low profit margins. The GAO report also lists changes in Medicare Part B reimbursement policy and the role of group purchasing organizations as possible causes.
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  • Play Copper's Upside With Southern Copper Corp. [View article]
    Southern Copper was the best choice I was able to find for a pure play on copper. Neither VALE nor FCX had the copper exposure I was looking for or the balance sheet I wanted. Southern Copper also had the lowest cash costs per pound which to me is the most powerful advantage they have over their competitors.
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  • 3 'e-Sin' Stocks For Any Economy [View article]
    Sin stocks have a captive audience - great for investors in the company. As governments crack down on traditional cigarettes, the electronic market will take more of the market share.
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  • Why Graftech International Is A Deal [View article]
    GrafTech is part of a global oligarchy which means that a positive catalyst doesn't need to be large to have a big impact in this industry. The risks associated with the company make it a deep value play for long term investors.
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