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Thank you for the positive comments and constructive criticism.
Thank you, David and Aux. I plan to continue to examine these ETFs and utilize their best ideas for myself.
There are some differences in tax reporting. You receive a K-1 with partnership income instead of a 1099-R so it must be reported differently on your 1040.
There's a great article on MLPs and Your IRA that I will refer you to in an attempt to answer that question. Apparently there is major disagreement on this issue (make sure you read all the comments!). I suggest you consult your tax advisor.
Thank you, Danny. Be sure to check out my other articles, I've picked out some great dividend companies recently.
Excellent article, thank you.
Great article, thank you!!!
Oh, no, not at all. When they go ex-divided, that means that they are getting ready to pay their dividend, and you need to own the stock if you are to receive the dividend. There is the ex-dividend date, which you have to own the stock the day BEFORE, then the record date 2 days later, then the payment date after that. If you buy the stock after the ex-dividend date but before the payment date, you will not get the dividend. So the purpose of this article is to alert people that they should buy these stocks before their ex-dividend dates, if they want to receive the dividend. Hope that helps!
Opie, I don't understand your question.
It's comforting to read on the Contributors Forum that I am far from the only writer suffering thse slings and arrows.
Hi Wayne,
Yes, if I had added another crterion of past 6 months performance (personally I would have looked at the past 12 months), now I would have only 1 perfect stock, which would be Aflac.
And Bruce, I am defensive because I feel that whether or not I own these compaies is irrelevant to the research I have done and the conlusions I have drawn. If you disagree with my methodology or rcommendations, fine, please explain. But no one has objected to my article, only to me, which I find offensive.
Hi Dennis,
Yes, they yield enough to make my list. But they didnt pass the forward-looking EGR metric.
And thank you, everyone, for your support. I usually do not care when people disagree with me, but this was a bit too ridiculous not to address.
I did look at BBL in addition to BHP. The criterion that was not met for BBL is the 5-year annual estimated earnings growth rate. For BHP it is calulated as 7.3%, and for BBL it is calculated as 4.0%.
GIVE ME A BREAK! You people who are complaining that I don't own any of the stocks I am recommending - what if I said I owned all of them? Then you would also say my motivation was suspect! I always say that I own none of the stocks I am outlining, in case you havent noticed. Maybe I intend to buy in several days. You have no idea.
You are just whiners and complainers. I notice that none of you write any articles, you only comment on others'. I did the research, I clearly laid out the criteria I used. I am not handing you sure-fire picks, I am offering up suggestions for you to consider and look into further if you are interested.
Stop being trolls and try to be people.
I apologize for any errors. I know about the typo on the ARR low, but SA makes it difficult to correct errors easily. I used several sources for the information I cited, and didnt doublecheck all of my info. Mea maxima culpa for additional mistakes, of which I see 2.
I believe this article WAS well-thought-out and I do a great deal of research on my articles, thank you very much. I was not trying to say that monthly payment was better or worse than quarterly, only that you need to be aware of it in order to compare payouts.
My point with all of these companies is that, despite not being long-term dividend "champs", they are offering high yields and very nice performance over the past 12 months, and they should all be considered as additions to a dividend portfolio.
I will be writing an update to this one next week, with companies going ex-dividend in November, and I will endeavor to make it error-free.
Thank you all for your kind and gracious input.
TAS, my point was that, while the experts are both buying and selling these particular companies, more experts are buying than selling.
For example, the first stock on the list, BP - 14 experts bought, and 1 sold.
Jeep5ter, my point exactly. Sell the appreciated stock, buy more of a new stock that is still yielding 3%.
Jim, thanks for this. I'm preparing an article on Pepsi v Coke and you address some issues that I normally don't consider.
I agree on the textbook issue, GWBJ. I took some Bio and Chem classes over the past couple of years and was stunned by the prices. And the new editions every 2-3 years is just unbelievable. I bought one edition previous for every class and saved big bucks. I even had one prof tell me I would fail his class if I did not buy the most recent edition.
I plan to transcribe Jim's 6 in 60 every day, stay tuned!