Long only, biotech, small-cap, micro-cap
Long only, biotech, small-cap, micro-cap
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gmmpa... timing the right entry into biotech is always difficult, but, the recent biotech downtrend has made it even more so. As you say, the rewards can be great. And, good science needs to be there. The following is from the Cellceutix website:
CELLCEUTIX PROVIDES UPDATE TO SHAREHOLDERS (01/29/2016) http://tinyurl.com/jrc...
Hope4Future... I purchased all of my shares in my own trading accounts on the open market. The vast majority is in retirement accounts. None were given to me by ctix or anyone else.
The motivation to write about ctix was simply as a concerned shareholder wanting to get correct information out.
If time permits, I'll be writing again in the near future. ;)
John Wold... thanks. ;)
John Wold... Would you mind saying which dividend stock you moved on to? Just curious.
Regarding: Quote "I too have moved on to a dividend stock with low beta for the meantime."
DrADKline.... thanks for that link. This is so new it's not even the final edited version. I look forward to hearing what the doctors following AVXL think after they read it.
Link related to above comment. http://bit.ly/1NWRXMW
I don't hold a position long or short here. My primary interest in watching this company is hoping they are successful in their current and future Alzheimer's drug trials. People need a successful therapy. But, as you say, the jury is still out.
Scrying Biotech... I fully agree with that. I follow many and own very few. This one is definitely worth watching for many reasons.
I don't hold a position here, long or short.
Melissa... You may want to look at Dr Kanak Kanti De's response to your comments about him that he posted today.
I don't hold any position here long or short. Just watching
cucumberbatch.... from the company SEC filings it seems that the company isn't the target. The SEC doesn't publicize ongoing investigations, however, they do contact the company for further information. Based on the related questions a company will usually know what the investigation concerns. See following from the 10K
from 10k page F34
" ii) On December 22, 2015, the Company received a subpoena from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) which indicates that the agency is conducting a formal investigation. The Company believes the subpoena and investigation relate to the recent unusual activity in the market for the Company’s shares. The Company is fully cooperating with the SEC in this investigation and is unable to predict when this matter will be resolved or what further action, if any, the SEC may take in connection with it. "
I don't hold any shares long or short here.
Hope4Future... I was sure wrong about the share price. Amazingly so, but, the science is still moving forward. Share price will eventually follow. That's why I'm still holding my shares.
Good luck in your trading and or investing. ;)
Btw, I'll most likely get back to writing again in a few months. Other issues unrelated to the market sidetracked me for awhile.
petethepanzer... no tunnel vision... simply don't have the funds to play all I see. I'm not a wealthy woman. A bet has been made on CTIX and I don't see reason to close it. I'd be out if I did.
Plus, I generally stay away from IPO's.
The following statement from my previous post wasn't stock specific:
"We need more treatments in the cancer fighting arsenal. Just like we need more antibiotics."
The article you are posting on is about Otonomy (OTIC), Includes: AKAO, CTIX
I fully realize the inherent risk in playing OTC stocks.
petethepanzer... I have a bet on antibiotics, cancer and psoriasis with my Cellceutix play. There is plenty of room for multiple drugs in each arena. The Brilacidin phase IIb ABSSSI trial derisked this investment for me.
The Kevetrin phase I oncology trial is finally coming to an end and they are working on a phase II for Ovarian Cancer: http://bit.ly/1HTQt6z
Hopefully, Kevetrin can be part of a better solution along with immunotherapy. Time will tell.
They also have a Brilacidin phase II Oral Mucositus trial ongoing that is hoping to treat those horrible ulcers head and neck cancer patients come up with from chemoradiation.
This isn't my only holding, but, I'm into it heavy. It's risky, but, the potential reward is greater with this play. Plus, I like the fact it isn't a one trick pony.
Good luck with your CLLS. I hope they do well in the long run too. We need more treatments in the cancer fighting arsenal. Just like we need more antibiotics.
$CTIX - An Independent Evaluation of a Novel Peptide Mimetic, Brilacidin (PMX30063), for Ocular Anti-infective
$CTIX phase I Kevetrin trial is finally coming to an end. The market appears to expect good results.
A lot has happened since this article was written. The phase II Prurisol trial for psoriasis is more than 50% recruited.
After a successful Brilacidin phase IIb trial for ABSSSI we are now waiting on the phase III to start.
And, we also have an ongoing Brilacidin phase II trial for OM.
Disclosure: I'm still long $CTIX.
Critical Thought... The results of the review you speak of are in.
Quote from above link:
"As explained below, we have found the blogger's five primary assertions to be false, misleading, or without foundation. While we report solely on the five primary allegations made by the Blogger, we reviewed the blogger's other assertions to be equally false, misleading, or without foundation."
Disclosure: I don't hold and never have held any position here. I just found the situation of interest to follow.
BiotechX... None of us invested in Cellceutix expected to see these prices after following the science moving forward successfully.
Applications to NASDAQ sit in a pending status for a year if they aren't outright denied. My guess is we were originally waiting for NASDAQ to review something in the next 10K, which is out now, but, the price dropped too low. We may simply be waiting for the price to go up again.
With the Kevetrin trial ending soon, and/or the Brilacidin phase III starting soon we may have a catalyst there. Plus, that frivolous lawsuit should be dropped soon since it's evidence is a discredited hit piece here on SA. The start of the Kevetrin phase II AML trial at the UofB Italy could be announced at any time. Hopefully, whatever the next catalyst is, we see the price move up enough for an uplist.
Good luck to all in their investments. ;)
I've followed a few microcap investigations done by the SEC and it's a joke. It takes them years and they never make an attempt to collect on the judgements. At most, key players are forbidden to hold positions in public companies. Uncollected fines instead of jail time seems to be the norm. There's really nothing to fear other than the foul income stream being lost when discovered. Hopefully, the few I've followed aren't the norm. If so, the SEC itself is a joke.
The Brilacidin-OM trial should be giving us a good indication of whether or not it's working by end of year. The company has announced the addition of two additional trial sites the the three already showing up here:
Press release announcing addition of two clinical sites:
Most patients in this trial would normally progress to severe OM. Even though the trial is blinded, the company should be able to see enough data to know how many actually progress to severe OM. This should give a feel for how the drug is working.
BuyersStrikeWP...Dr Menon didn’t create the bio stating his degree was from Harvard. The original mistake was copied all over the internet. Whomever created the bio on the nnvc site copied it just like everyone else did. Amazingly, even ctix copied it incorrectly when they copied and pasted from the nnvc site for expediency. It was corrected once pointed out.
$CTIX - My visit to Cellceutix, the biotech that a short seller recently called a sham
"The two took me on a tour of the 12,000 square foot facility, including the labs, where I saw three people who appeared to be researchers. The company as a whole has just 14 employees, some of whom do not work onsite, as they are involved in the company’s clinical trials at Dana-Farber and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. According to the federal website that tracks clinical trials, the company has conducted a total of five trials, three of which are ongoing."
CTIX posted the following letter to SA on the their website for shareholders to see. I don't know whether it was pr'd or not since I haven't seen it come out as a pr.
Dr. Ten Bagger...
I understand your concern since biotech otc’s are definitely risky. However, the Brilacidin phase IIb has derisked this investment for me. The phase III should start by the end of the year and antibiotic trials run relatively quickly. This trial has a high probability of success based on the phase IIb results.
Plus, how many scams have you found that have a phase III about to start?
In reviewing the filings I see an incorrect phone number that wasn’t corrected after the move to the old Kard facilities in the same building. A bit sloppy, but, not criminal.
Dr Menon didn’t create the bio stating his degree was from Harvard. The original mistake was copied all over the internet. Whomever created the bio on the nnvc site copied it just like everyone else did. Amazingly, even ctix copied it incorrectly when they copied and pasted from the nnvc site for expediency. It was corrected once pointed out.
The following amended agreement shows that Dr Menon assigned all rights to the Kevetrin patent to CTIX. Dr Menon can’t take the patent if for some reason he left Cellceutix.
Here’s the filed agreement:
Regarding press releases, I think they should hire a professional IR company.
Regarding the application to uplist, I believe they shouldn’t say another word about it until the pending application is actually approved. However, hindsight is always easy. I can understand how the last thing the CEO expected was to see the price dropping with all of the upcoming catalysts.
Yet, with the above mentioned flaws, the company has been excellent in moving the trials forward. Especially, the Brilacidin phase IIb. It’s wasn’t long after they picked up the PolyMedix assets before Dr Menon figured out how to optimize the dosing to avoid the issues the Polymedix phase IIa ran into. The excellent results in the ABSSSI phase IIb trial show it was the correct move. The picking up of those assets and figuring out how to mine them for the gold was quite brilliant.
The Kevetrin phase I trial has been very slow, but, that’s not the companies fault. Dana Farber is running the trial and the patients are stage 4 cancer patients. They must be treated with care. Oncology trials just run slow. Sadly… for the patients that might like to try the drug asap.
Good luck in all of your trades. ;)
Slava22... They aren't a shell company.
Just follow the trials and see how it all comes out. One of these days you'll likely see a New Drug Application *NDA* filed.
Slava22... Some of your general points about early stage biotechs have some truth. However, CTIX isn't a shell to milk retail. Are you aware that when Leo took over from the previous CEO the company was on the brink of bankruptcy? Leo and Dr Menon supported the company with their own funds and deferred salaries for a few years. Scamsters don't do that.
Leo isn't the perfect manager and has put out some pr's that I would have sat on. However, Leo has also moved the pipeline along very quickly with minimal dilution due to being frugal with company funds.
In 2012 there was only one trial listed on this site. Look at it now:
The misinformation and twisting of fact for ones short position is what is immoral. Twisting either way, for long or short is wrong.
Time will tell about the science as the trials complete.
In the meantime, go to the company website and take a look at the presentations. http://bit.ly/1UDhtJQ
Btw, I don't know if it was luck or brilliance, but, the move to pick up the PolyMedix assets out of bankruptcy appears to have been a great move. And, Dr Menon's move to change up the dosing for the Brilacidin phase IIb ABSSSI trial turned out to be the correct move based on the trial results. (Look at presentation in Copenhagen and again in NY)
Good luck in your trading and let's simply agree to disagree. ;)
Disclosure.... I hold long.
Good article Dr Snuderl... ;)
It's good to have someone with your credentials highlight inaccuracies in the shorting article that was designed to manipulate the share price down.
I have nothing against shorting. It's simply a trading tool, but, to present inaccuracies to facilitate their trading position was wrong.
Read the following press release to learn more about the science being inaccurately stated as fact in this article.
I actually made a typo in my first comment. Meant to say "The article states that only 60% of ovarian cancers have defective p53 genes." Whereas it's actually 96% per the nih link I gave above. ;)
I found the relevant study to back up my over 90% statement in my above comment:
"The Cancer Genome Atlas Project has performed whole exome sequencing on ovarian cancer.92 Analyzing DNA from 316 high-grade serous ovarian cancer samples and matched normal samples for each individual, 19,356 somatic mutations (about 61 per tumor) were annotated. High-grade serous ovarian cancer is characterized by TP53 mutations in almost all tissues (96%)."
The scientific facts in this article are incorrect.
The "biochemist" that supposedly reviewed the Kevetrin information is at best misinformed and at worst intentionally targeting Cellceutix to bring down its stock price. The article states that only 50% of ovarian cancers have defective p53 genes. This is a significant fraction if one considers that most approved drugs are effective for anywhere from 10-30% of patients. Also, the Cancer Genome Atlas reported that out of 316 high grade serous patients, over 90% had p53 defects. So this point is both wrong on the facts and on merit.
Also, the Brilacidin ABSSSI trial wasn't attacking a gram negative organisim. The company is working on gram negative in preclinicals, but, haven't tested that formulation of Brilacidin in a clinical setting yet.
The scientific facts in this article are incorrect.
That's a good find.
" Dr V. did refuse to sign, it seems - and for obvious reasons - but his signature isn't required per 35 U.S.C. § 262. "
It will be fascinating to watch this one play out. I picked some shares up after the pr a few days ago. ;)
$CTIX - Cellceutix to Start Brilacidin Phase 3 Program in ABSSSI
Orphan drug status for Kevetrin is excellent news. Especially, since the phase I safety trial isn't ended yet! ;)
All of their trials can be found here: http://1.usa.gov/1CCGluY
$CTIX - Kevetrin Receives FDA Orphan Drug Designation for the Treatment of Ovarian Cancer