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  • Free fall of Indian Rupee [View instapost]
    Why would exports go down?? Why would the top line of Indian exporters decline?? If Indian goods are now cheaper, foreigners will buy MORE.

    Also, Indian IT companies are going to BENEFIT. They get their revenues in Dollars while their costs are in Rupees.

    I think you've confused yourself a bit.
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  • Vivus's Obesity Drug Awaiting FDA Review: Expecting Positive Ruling [View article]
    Just wanted to point out a few things.

    Firstly, this article is an excerpt from a report we have published on the upcoming panel review of Qnexa. That report is 20 pages and covers details of the historical trial results, comparative data with other obesity drugs, analysis of the obesity market, VVUS' pipeline, Financial data, etc. I've simply taken the relevant portions of the that report and summarized it for publishing on Seeking Alpha. The full report can be accessed at: (available for $10 to new subscribers).

    Secondly, the purpose of this article is to share my views on the possible results of an upcoming event based on a level of due diligence conducted. I don't think writing an article on Seeking Alpha will enable an effective "pump and dump" strategy. For that, you need critical mass -- perhaps Yahoo message boards, etc.

    Lastly, I'm assuming the people opposing the views mentioned in the article are Short VVUS. In that case, you should welcome articles like this. Your short position will yield the higher profits (if you are right) as more and more people get long the stock and have to reverse out of their positions if the results do not go in their favor. More the Longs, more the volume of sell orders, more the profits for shorts. Thus, if YOU have done your due diligence and are short the stock with utmost conviction, you should actually appreciate articles like this.

    We at NewBioMedicine ( cover upcoming events in Biotechnology. We have been writing reports on events for the last 5 years and have surpassed market returns in all the last 5 years. Our accuracy on predicting the outcome of events is at 80% overall (Our recommendations include both Longs and Shorts). Our aim is to provide retail investors with a detailed yet simple report that contains all the information that is needed to make an educated decision on the outcome of key events in the biotechnology domain. Investment in biotechnology stocks is an area that often gets inundating for people without a strong science background. Our goal is to simplify that process by writing reports that are easy for a lay person to understand (in terms of the science), while being thorough with relevant data required for the reader to reach their own conclusion. We recommend our predictions on the outcome of events based on our research but we don't write the report with the intention of leaning one way or the other. Hence, the report is written from a neutral perspective, with a conclusion being drawn after evaluating the positives and the negatives of the company and event. Most often we do NOT have a position in the stock, hence it serves us no purpose to be "pumping" a stock in either direction at any given time.
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  • Vivus's Obesity Drug Awaiting FDA Review: Expecting Positive Ruling [View article]

    When I say "major drugs" I don't mean that they are the ONLY drugs. I mean "major" in terms of revenues. Sibutramine and Orlistat generate majority of the revenues in the obesity market today.
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  • Analyzing the Upcoming FDA Decision on Somaxon's Insomnia Drug [View article]
    Dear Trader Joe,

    The report was offered for free on the site (and not for $20 that you have referenced).

    If you visit the site sir, you'll see we've been around since 2005. Your feedback on improving the site will be much appreciated.

    Stock closed at $9.21 yesterday, while the report was written on Seeking Alpha when stock was at $4.05. We hope you were able to participate in the double-up of the stock in 2 days.

    Please contact us at: if you have any further queries.


    Kaushik Paul
    Managing Director
    New BioMedicine, LLC
    220 Bush Street, Suite 660
    San Francisco, CA 94104
    Tel: (415) 367-3525
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