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Ken Doctor
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David: Thanks much. A long time away, so distant that we won't equate one with the other. It's one thing to be a good secondary read, as most non-national publications are for most of us, but another to be so vital that we're willing to pay for then. Consequently, the revenue will ramp, but slowly over time.
A lot of people who have seen the SI demo share that feeling, and it will be a powerful one. In fact, it's a similar sense of how the iPhone changed mobile news reading, the problem remaining: it's a poor ad platform so far.
The Apple tablet, with its built-in App store, ready to be enlarged for the Apple tablet, offers a big headstart to Apple, beyond the usual buzz that will accompany any Cupertino introduction.
January sense: Apple Buz + Tablet intro + App Store + ad possibilities = something of major significance.