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  • German Insistence On Austerity Will Lead To Global Depression [View article]
    Because Japan has never undertaken the structural reforms that would have put it on solid footing. An aging population with a huge amount of debt and an outrageously strong currency are in the process of putting Japan on the ropes. Once the speculators (vigilantes) finish in Europe this fundamental car wreck is next.
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  • German Insistence On Austerity Will Lead To Global Depression [View article]
    Simply because deferring it will ultimately put more sovereign issues at risk and ultimately spread the default to Germany, France, Japan and yes, the USA. In fact my thesis is once this deferral happens, speculators will begin their assault on Japan....and there is no amount of money printing that will stop that once it starts.
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  • German Insistence On Austerity Will Lead To Global Depression [View article]
    With all due respect, German leaders have no choice now. Just as in the US, the events leading up to a global depression have already happened over the past decade of profligate spending. Germany is as guilty as others in the sense that with its financial butt on the line, it did nothing to stop what Greece and the rest were doing, which was living high off of German productivity.

    The accumulation of debt without a corresponding future expected revenue stream is what will cause the global depression, not the austerity that is demanded now. It is a zero sum game, printing money and borrowing from the IMF will only shift the depression into the future just as we have done in the US. The only viable option to handle debt that you cannot pay back is to sell assets to the only bidder(s) in town with surplus revenue, China, Brazil and the rest of the emerging world. China would do well to diversify it's economy and could actually profit from a western recovery down the line by owning "euro" zone assets.
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  • Tug-Of-War Tie? Unlikely [View article]
    The only thing that gives me pause about the FED's low economic expectatioons is that they have been almost 180 degrees wrong with every 6 month economic forecast since Alan Greenspan stated in early 2000 "I see no significant impediments to continued growth and trajectory for the economy". We all know what happened next. Also this spring and summer, Mr. Bernanke was touting a strong 2nd half recovery.

    The moment he turns pessimistic may the moment to tactically look for some upside.
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  • Fed's Press Conference Gets Poor Ratings [View article]
    Mr. Bernanke is a hack whose policies have been an abject failure and he only knows how to do what has already failed. The bankers and Wall Streeters are already lobbying for another round of QE so they can extract more money from us all.

    You are right...the FED has made themselves completely irrelevant.
    Nov 2 04:02 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Interview With Economist Lynn Reaser: No Recession Ahead And No Need For Stimulus [View article]
    "Pent up demand" is just a fancy way of saying we want stuff we cannot afford.
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  • Oracle: A Safe Port In Rough Seas [View article]
    While on a fundamental basis I agree with your thesis...ORCL acts just like the SP-500 during fear driven market declines and in fact is down more than the index for the YTD. When fear takes over there is no safe haven in equities.
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  • Bear Raiders: The Dark Side Of Short Selling [View article]
    Nice article Ellen. I would be less critical of these BEAR raiders if not for the fact that the banks we all love to hate are actually the enablers of these activities. If hedgies did not have access to taxpayer capital via the bank's line to the FED discount window there is only somuch damage these raiders could do. But with the banks being foolish enough to fund activities that in the end may actually put their own companies out of business it is clearly a problem we have not fully addressed. Along with allowing Credit Default Swaps without an insurable interest this is indeed why the markets are in the state they are currently in and with lobby money flowing towards the 2012 election there is no end in sight.
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  • Eerie Similarity Between the 1987 Crash and the Summer Crash of 2011 [View article]
    Thank you for the clarification.
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  • Eerie Similarity Between the 1987 Crash and the Summer Crash of 2011 [View article]
    When you say disconnect between bonds and stocks I'm not sure what that means. Stocks and Treasuries should be inversely correlated under most circumstances. When money flows out of equities (risk off) it flows into Treasuries. The opposite happens when the flow is reversed.

    Now of course there have been times when bonds and stocks rise during the same period for reasons usually associated less with flight to safety but currency hedging as countries running a surplus attempt to balance things by purchasing the best representative of the world's reserve currency.
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  • When Markets Get Bloody, Panic Is for Suckers [View article]
    Sage Advice. Running for the exits during a fire will save you only if you don't get trampled under everyone else doing the same thing. Know which door you will use and under what circumstances you should use it....otherwise stay out of the theater and use Netflix instead.
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  • 5 Companies With Blowout Earnings That Can Push Markets Higher [View article]
    BAC had "Blowout" earnings ? I must have been reading the wrong report !
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  • QE3 on the Table: Investors May Want to Consider Taking on Risk [View article]
    "Investors" don't add risk based upon the confused and rambling testimony of the FED chairman. Speculators is what you meant to say.
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  • Bernanke to Congress: More Cowbell [View article]
    The FED has engaged in the largest "conditioned response" experiment since Pavlov took notes about salivating dogs.

    It really is quite amusing to see the market down 1.8% in terror 48 hours ago and now up because the FED is ready to go....

    Salivate away sheep.
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  • Why the Dow Could Hit 20,000 in 3 Years [View article]
    "If inflation sharply moved up and the Fed needed to hike rates well past 5%, then there'd be no way investors could afford a slightly rich multiple for stocks. In such a scenario, "Dow 10,000" would be the buzzword."

    Past 5%....I don't think they can move them much past 0% with the current state of the economy. This is probably a pipedream.
    Jul 11 07:29 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment