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Thanks for the comments.
My top-line estimate for next quarter is 19M and 77M for 2014. I have a few different versions of the model where they get to 100 M quicker. I do agree that 100M is not far off. My use of the word long-term should probably say mid-term. We will see how quickly the new products contribute to meaningful revenue.
We are not allowed to hold shares in what we cover. I wish we could, having initiated at 11.00 per share.
I don't feel like the inventory growth is a problem, but worth watching.
Thanks for reading, There were a lot of questions on the call about inventory. Management says that customers have asked the firm to build inventory in anticipation of future sales as well as potential upside. I have always found management to be quite conservative in terms of growth rates and cash management.
Thanks for the comments. The discount rate changes because I assume the stock's beta falls in the slower period. I think it is correlated with growth in China, but also a story about bringing more people into the middle class modern world.
I would like to see the percentage of e-commerce trending up in the next several quarters.
The Quill,
Thanks for reading. Even with more conservative assumptions you could make a case for $5.00 or $6.00.