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Kenneth D. Worth

Author of the book, Peak Oil and the Second Great Depression (2010-2030), A Survival Guide for Investors and Savers After Peak Oil.

The book presents a fairly conservative strategy for growing savings in an world of declining conventional crude oil supply. We entered that world in 2005. Despite the tripling of crude oil prices, crude oil production is lower now in 2011 than it was six years prior in 2005.

Welcome to the post-Peak Oil world. The declining availability of crude oil will obviously have a tremendous impact on the global economy. I discuss some of the likely consequences of Peak Oil on the global economy.

The book also discusses an investing strategy for a world of declining crude ...More
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  • Interests: ETFs, Options, Retirement savings
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Peak Oil and the Second Great Depression (2010-2030) The years 2005-2008 was the peak of global conventional oil production. Even the International Energy Agency now states that the global peak in conventional oil production occurred in 2006. This fact will have tremendous consequences for the global economy and for investors. Some of the decline in ...More